The Goods: Issue 21 Image: Jack Vanzet


Helping you make bank is Acorns – a beaut fintech app that invests your spare change into a diversified portfolio, so you can release your inner wolf of Wall St and take over the world. 💸


Clinton or Trump? A Foreign Thought wants to know who the world would vote for if they got the chance. ✔️


As the awe-inspiring games came to an end, we reflected on our favourite design pieces and felt this Olympia animation well and truly deserved gold. 🏅


Our very own Ben will be speaking at General Assembly Sydney next month AND Alex will be part of GA’s very first Brisbane event. Our love for GA is strong. 💞


Artificial intelligence is predicting human poverty from space, and if it can do that – we want to know what else it could do. 🕸


They know how to make a cute, addictive game but the real question is – can Streamtime solve the age-old problem that is project management software? So far, we like what we see. 👀

Love youse,