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TeleSmart Communications: 11 in 11 - Smart Sales Trends in 2011
  December, 2011  

Look at What My Kid Did: 10 Reasons to Be Joyful!

Sometimes I feel like I have two kids — my wonderful daughter, and my memorable company, TeleSmart. As we begin our 18th year at TeleSmart, I'm feeling sheer joy and deep gratitude for everyone supporting our charter: to provide inside sales training for teams and managers.

TeleSmart has grown up in the last 18 years, just as inside sales has become more and more integral to companies' success. In its toddler years, inside sales training was considered "telephone etiquette" for butt-in-seats phone jocks. In its adolescent years, inside sales was considered "sales support" — "glorified admen" helping process orders for the field sales organization. In its teen-age years, sales organizations realized inside sales' unique value but still had to substantiate reasons for its existence.

Finally, graduation time has arrived! Inside sales is an integral force in all sales organizations. They finally get it. Joy!

I've been so lucky to work with clients who take the inside sales landscape seriously — they understand that developing and on-boarding their inside sales organizations is of primary importance. And they don't just stop at sales training. They want to build a sustainable culture to support their training investments.

The last few years of austerity have brought new meaning to what brings us joy. We find greater meaning in the small things, focusing on what is really important to us.

At TeleSmart, we have compiled 10 reasons to feel joyful:

  1. Best Book of 2011: Recently voted book of the year by AA-ISP, Smart Selling on the Phone and Online continues to dominate the inside sales sourcebook category. It's been translated into five languages, and over 10,000 copies have been sold to date.

  2. Best White Paper of 2011: Planning for 2012? Download our Choosing an Inside Sales Training Vendor White Paper. This comprehensive paper provides a checklist of what to think about when selecting a vendor.

  3. Best Newsletter of 2011: Inside Sales Managers today are scrambling to find the perfect metrics that motivate. Our Inside Sales is Metrics-Challenged addresses all of that and more.

  4. Best Blog Post of 2011: I wrote this post after delivering new hire training for several hundred inside sales teams, and realized they were all my kid's age. But more important, they didn't have a deep love for the phone. So I wrote the blog post "Really! You work in inside sales and you hate the phone? You must be a Millennial!"

  5. Best Webinar of 2011: I was lucky to have such strong thought leaders for this "Customer Is Mad as Hell!" roundtable. Our lively discussion focused on the changing habits and expectations of this new Customer 2.0.

  6. Best Video of 2011: Many clients are investing in quick reminder videos after the training. Here is a sample of a 60-second Smart Shot video we produced for one of our clients on Handling Objections.

  7. Best Award of 2011: Josiane Feigon Receives AA-ISP's Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals in 2011 Award for the 2nd year in a row!

  8. Best Training Offering of 2011: Managers aren't in Kansas anymore. Just because they were successful reps doesn't mean they have the skill-set to be managers -- especially today. Our 2-day training program for managers puts them in the hot seat when it comes to developing their teams.

  9. Best Inside Sales Minds of 2011: The top 3 inside sales thought leaders speak out on this year in review and predictions for 2012.

  10. Best Adventure of 2011: The trip of a lifetime happened to me in November: 300 miles, 5 days, 1 bike = my Israel cycling adventure.

Get your calenders out:

December 19th- Sales Training Blunders of 2011: This FUN and humorous roundtable will share our most mortifying sales training experiences and what we did to recover.

January 4th- The Top Transforming Sales Trends in 2012: Watch Josiane on LIVE on This Week in Sales TV as she shares much anticipated and highly popular trends for the new year.

Smart Selling Service Offerings 2012: TeleSmart provides a wide assortment of service offerings, from on-site training to virtual webinars. Our training is all about inside sales — combining phone, online, and sales and social tools productivity. Watch customer video testimonials and learn why they bring in Josiane.

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Looking for a dynamic keynote speaker to inspire your global inside sales teams? Josiane's memorable stories, thought leadership, and relevant content will capture attention. Check out the top 3 reasons to invite Josiane to your 2012 sales kick-off and choose from her "must-have" topics.


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