WeChat campaign tactic ends the aspirations of a Liberal candidate. Karen Wang’s framing of Jagmeet Singh as foreign to voters in the Burnaby South byelection got her kicked off the ballot. Could this have been a setup? MP Michelle Rempel claimed that Wang previously wanted to run as a Conservative. And the twists just keep on coming:

Crosstown shutdown avoids showdown in Forest Hill. Plans to close part of Bathurst Street for seven months, to speed construction of an LRT station, resulted in outrage when sprung on the neighbourhood. A couple hours before a meeting to discuss it, Metrolinx decided to withdraw the idea.

“Just being outside can kill you. What might this place be if we just admitted that was true?” Popula, the “alt-global” website, has published multiple Toronto dispatches by Navneet Alang—which have mostly been about the morose sides of the city. Winter is time to explore peak repression:

The hits just keep on coming for fake celebrity endorsements. Marilyn Denis, Lisa LaFlamme and Wendy Mesley have been among the TV faces whose “resignations” have been the focus of fake pseudo-articles connected to skincare scams. The big digital platforms have also taken money to promote fradulent CBC articles featuring Jeff Bezos and Tim Cook, as well as a report about Don Cherry hawking a fix for erectile dysfunction.

Pushing the publishers to cheapen digital streams. Libraries are lobbying to lower what they’re charged for rights on digital books. (The current revenue model is sort of like how studios charged video rental stores big prices to buy VHS tapes in the 1980s.) #eContentForLibraries also highlights that some relevant titles are restricted altogether:

Reimagine Galleria imagines a wealthier west-end reality. Consider all the social media from The Crossways apartment towers at Bloor and Dundas, which recently highlighted the Chester Fried Chicken in the lobby, and the complex’s very own Dollarama. While there’s still a Dollarama in what’s left of the Galleria Mall at Dupont and Dufferin, however, promotion for the proposed mall overhaul sticks to showing an artistanal side to the neighbourhood:

Zuhair Kashmeri dead at 72. The longtime journalist, who extensively covered the Air India bombing, spent his recent years running a B&B in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Kashmeri was the news editor of Now Magazine, following 15 years writing for the Globe and Mail, the latter of which has an obituary.

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