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MEMS Executive Congress Europe 2013

Steigenberger Airport Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
An executive forum promoting the commercialization of MEMS

MEMS in Consumer Products

Consumers are demanding—and receiving—mobile devices that enhance the ways in which they communicate, access information, entertain themselves, and manage their own health. MEMS is pervasive in consumer electronics—the most rapidly growing market for MEMS technology—because it uniquely enables the functionality that consumers most desire.

European companies are leading innovation in MEMS for consumer electronics (CE)—but why? Panelists will debate whether the climate for innovation, including corporate-government partnerships and consumer-OEM relationships, fosters greater innovation in the EU than in other regions. Panelists will also discuss the intense pressures of this highly competitive though lucrative market.

As part of its second MEMS Executive Congress Europe, MEMS Industry Group (MIG) will join MEMS suppliers to explore the evolution of MEMS in consumer electronics.

Panelists will address:

  • Will CE continue to dominate MEMS in the foreseeable future or will other market segments supersede CE?

  • How will MEMS continue to advance the human-machine interface?

  • How are macro societal trends—such as aging population, innovation in healthcare and climate change—driving demand for MEMS-based consumer products?

  • How will the need for low-cost, high-volume production affect the movement toward standardization (in manufacturing processes, materials and packaging)?


Please join us March 12, 2013, 10:00-10:45 a.m. for the panel, MEMS in Consumer Products.

Moderator Dave Thomas, marketing director, Etch Products, SPTS Technologies, will join panelists:

  • Dave Doyle, CEO, BaoLab
  • Joel Huloux, director - standardization &  industry alliances, STMicroelectronics

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As a business rather than a technical conference, MEMS Executive Congress provides a unique forum for MEMS solution providers and OEM integrators to exchange ideas and information during panel discussions and networking events. This truly unique event is the year’s must-attend conference for the entire MEMS supply chain.

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