“I will make no apologies for being very passionate, sometimes overly enthusiastic, in the way I engage in a robust debate.” Justin Trudeau explained the fiery side of his sunny ways in his year-end roundtable with the Canadian Press. It coincided with an Angus Reid poll that attempted to measure how the PM’s approach has been received:

Ford Nation disputes stories about a “personal pleasure wagon.” Doug Ford confirmed that he made an off-the-books request for a van from the OPP, and the NDP still has questions about it. There’s little chance they’ll get answers in the premier’s year-end interview, because it will be with his preferred media outlet, Ontario News Now.

Geddy Lee is hoping to get his high voice back. Rush’s frontman has been on the road promoting his Big Beautiful Book of Bass. During one interview, Lee mentioned that he’s still trying to produce a movie version of Dave Bidini’s book Baseballissimo, among other projects. But there’s now no doubt that the drummer is done:

An online rival is coming for Jazz.FM91. Heather Bambrick is the latest to leave the radio station, after 17 years. She has now joined the cast of former Jazz.FM employees, including Dani Elwell and Garvia Bailey, who are nearing their own launch:

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