Doug Ford is the sort of boss who makes you come in on Saturday. The provincial legislature will have a weekend sitting to speed up the slashing of Toronto city council. Justin Trudeau isn’t about to strike out the notwithstanding clause—but he’s backing MPs who condemn the tactic, while candidates thrown for a loop are even more riled:

“Why do I care about having a record?” Ester Reiter, the “77-and-a-half-year-old” retired York women’s study professor who was escorted out of Queen’s Park for protesting Doug Ford's city council cuts tells the Toronto Star that she didn’t try to stay longer because she feared a shoulder injury if her wrists ended up handcuffed behind her back.

Marie Henein is back in the spotlight—along with Jian Ghomeshi.Doug Ford, no power grab is worth undermining Canada’s foundation,” she writes in a Globe and Mail op-ed that coincides with her one-time client writing about his past four years in the New York Review of Books. Henein also did a recent daytime TV spot to discuss matters of style:

U.S Customs and Border Protection is watching for weed dealers. Working in the cannabis industry is officially grounds for being turned away at the border. Meanwhile, the patchwork of half-baked, absurd laws coming in across Canada is surveyed at Maclean’s—along with a list of all 750 of the aspiring weed-pun-obsessed retailers across Alberta.

What the Toronto Public Library should look like, according to designers who didn’t even know what goes on there. Creative agency Wysp shared its idea to rebrand the TPL as the “Toronto Resource Centre.” The teal-and-orange colour scheme done to death in movies is part of the imaginary plan:

6teen reunites to intervene in the U.S. midterms. Nelvana’s very 2000s cartoon returns to its Eaton Centre-inspired fictional mall for an eight-minute PSA that encourages its post-teenage fans to “Vote, Dude!” That the Canadian characters are so obsessed with Donald Trump seems almost as incongruous as them trying hard to appear woke:

Norm Macdonald will have to live without liberal media love. Vulture has one last exasperated interview with the host of Norm Macdonald Has a Show—followed by a review through the lens that he smeared. But maybe there’s still hope for a Macdonald return to Saturday Night Live, so he can perform his fond impression of Jordan Peterson.

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Maxime Bernier’s breakaway Conservative sect now has an official name.

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