The best story about threatening to move to Canada yet. A Financial Times feature about the future of Fox News's parent notes that one of Rupert Murdoch’s sons is setting up an "apocalypse" property with its own water and power supply.

Norm Kelly isn’t too lit to politic, after all. “I’M MOVING TO CANADA” shirts promoted by the councillor on Twitter genereated more backlash than usual. In response, @norm assured everyone that “proceeds” go to charity. But there's no clarity on what percentage of the money is donated, and the city won't release internal records on his tweeting.

John Tory finally feeds a memorable meme. “It is time that we stop being treated, and I stop being treated, as a little boy in short pants,” the mayor said in reaction to Queen's Park withdrawing support for road tolls. The opportunity was not wasted:

“Cuck” enters the Canadian political arena at last. Kellie Leitch’s campaign manager, Nick Kouvalis, used the term on Twitter in the midst of reacting to a new wave of criticism of Leitch's rhetoric. (John Tory is taking fresh heat over his continued association with Kouvalis.)

How many more times must we hear the term “Fake News”? Many more, it seems, based on its overkill usage in the Public Policy Forum’s report on the Shattered Mirror of Canadian journalism. Also, here's heritage minister Mélanie Joly using it ahead of her committee report. The concept has even made it into a Toronto Star subscriber solicitation: “Real Life demands Real News.” And despite the ever-decreasing odds of real employment, the hysteria even feeds into this Ryerson pitch:

The one University of Toronto debate that never goes away. Academic arguments might change, but one thing remains constant on St. George Street: wondering if the 1973 brutalist bird (which is feeling its age) would be better turned into rubble.

CHUM FM fired four-decade DJ Ingrid Schumacher. First appearing on-air at the rock station in 1978 (filling in for Rick Moranis, who left to try his luck in Hollywood) Schumacher stuck around as the sound got softer, then more youthful—until last Thursday. (Still employed: Roger Ashby, who started at 1050 CHUM in 1969, and has co-hosted mornings at 104.5 since 1985.)

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The category of person President Donald Trump is hoping to exclude with his sudden immigration order—which led to today's protest outside the U.S. Consulate on University Avenue.

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