Grimes wore a Tesla choker to the Met Ball. The shape of Canadian pop culture was shifted by a report that Elon Musk bonded with Claire “Grimes” Boucher because he wanted to make a complex Twitter joke that she did first. The match seems to be endorsed by Grimes’ journalist mom—even though she later deleted this tweet about the red carpet:

TTC crackdown hasn’t discouraged the other “Despacito” brother. The prospect of a $235 fine might have dissauded one accordionist—but the other is still regularly squeezing on subway cars. His tenacity led to a warning from a supervisor. (The first brother is slated to face a justice of the peace.)

“Nice smile on your face” feeds some cheap Ontario Liberal outrage. Doug Ford’s ham-fisted setup for a question to Kathleen Wynne during the CityNews election debate was taken in stride by the premier. But her social media squad saw it as yet another instance of “mansplaining.” The third debating leader seemed happy to stay out of it:

Believing survivors is tricky business for Jagmeet Singh. The expulsion of NDP MP Erin Weir for what was explained as awkward behaviour in social situations has spurred a follow-up from Neil Macdonald about one of Weir's complainants: fellow MP Christine Moore was accused by a former soldier of inappropriate behaviour after she got him drunk, in a story that first appeared in Frank.

A federal computer can’t stop correcting the colours of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Wikipedia edits from government offices are exposed on Twitter for all to see. But this didn’t stop someone on the inside from obsesively editing the entries for one show:

“Reading him on these scruffy men and women is like listening to someone try to play 'Long Tall Sally' on solo cello. It’s not awful, but it’s weird.” Dwight Garner of the New York Times strives to summarize Michael Ondaatje's new novel Warlight as the work of someone who has “taken the Salman Rushdie exit off the Paul Auster turnpike.”

Strip clubs have never had a headliner like Stormy Daniels. The only announced Canadian appearance by Donald Trump’s well-compensated acquaintance, in Windsor on June 13, has Cheetah’s boasting of “another excellent show we’ve helped bring to the city.” (CBC’s story features a helpful hyperlink to the ticket-purchase page.) And who knows where the drama will be at when Stormy shows up at a Tonawanda strip club on August 10.

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Rick Moranis still hasn't said whether he'll be at the SCTV reunion, but he'll reprise his Spaceballs character voice for The Goldbergs.

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