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October is Energy Awareness Month

October is Energy Awareness Month and to see how "bright" you are when it comes to Alaska's energy sectors, take this quick quiz to test your knowledge.

For more information about Alaska's Renewable Energy sources, view the 2013 Renewable Energy Atlas of Alaska.

Check out our Energy Savers Tips for Alaska booklet to learn how to save energy and money in your home.

Help Stop Aging: Renovate!

Alaska is aging, both in population trends and in the average age of its housing stock. In Anchorage and Fairbanks the average age of a home is now 34 years, while in Juneau the average age is closer to 35 years. Similar statistics aboutthe age of Alaska’s housing stock can be found throughout the state – and it’s no secret Alaska leads the nation per-capita in senior citizen growth. 
Given these realities, AHFC’s renovation loan options may assist by allowing qualified borrowers to: 1) purchase a home in need of renovations; 2) refinance an existing loan and incorporate renovations; or, 3) pursue a second mortgage program to accommodate renovation needs. 
AHFC staff recently developed curriculum to educate real estate professionals and lenders about each program, and will deploy a new section in our selling guide to assist lenders when customers inquire about these options. 

Whether it’s time to replace the shag carpeting, add square footage, or simply investigate accessibility options so your home will continue to fit your needs as you age in place, please contact an AHFC approved lender for additional information about AHFC’s renovation loan options.

Housing Locator Feature

Among the many useful tools available on AHFC's website is the Housing Locator Tool where landlords and rental agencies submit listings for available housing for Alaskans throughout the state. Renters can narrow their search by selecting which amenities are needed, or search by price or number of bedrooms. If you're a landlord, you can list your properties for free! Check the Housing Locator and pass it along to your friends and family who may be seeking housing.

Consider a Career with AHFC

Do you or someone you know want to work for a great organization that provides services throughout Alaska? Alaska Housing Finance Corporation is an equal opportunity employer that offers Alaskans meaningful ways to make a difference in our communities. See below for our current job openings:

Administrative Assistant II/Courier, Anchorage

•Senior Human Resources Specialist, Anchorage

•Application Programmer Analyst II, Anchorage

•Custodian, Fairbanks

•Custodian, Anchorage

•Administrative Services Technician, Anchorage

•Network Administrator I/II/III, Anchorage

Click here for job descriptions and application.