Patrick Brown rolls up his sleeves to hang on to his job. A policy push from the Ontario PC leader culminated in a speech in front of Queen’s Park with stacks of prop $100 bills, where he pledged to curb lobbyist cash-for-access and showed off his new loosened-collar style. Meanwhile, the PC party's 2018 nomination process has curdled into chaotic contempt for Brown—and a counter-campaign partly playing out in Facebook advertising:

A couple of bucks out there for anyone outed in the Ashley Madison hack. Ruby Corp, the parent company of Toronto’s extramarital dating website, still denies any wrongdoing, but will put up $11.2 million to compensate those affected by the 2015 hack. The class-action settlement means a little less than $2 for each of the six million affected users—although people could claim up to $3,500 each should fewer victims come forward.

Greasing the neon palms of the El Mocambo. The legendary marquee is being replaced with a replica, to hang at Spadina and College this fall. Cambridge-based company Pride Signs will next take on Bloordale's Paradise Theatre. (While old-timers despair over the loss of the old Elmo sign, the company promises the new iteration will be more visible, in full view of several Rexall stores.)

Shifting signs of downtown Toronto. Skyscrapers ascending at King and Spadina get a long view in the Globe and Mail. The piece mentions the fact that councillor Joe Cressy tried to turn the area Hooters location into a park—but “Operation Owl” failed, because the site was too expensive. Also, the $250-million facelift of the Toronto-Dominion Centre is getting attention, partly because of its dedication to the architectural vision of Mies van der Rohe—even though the bank fell down on this before

George A. Romero dead at 77. A decade ago, rumours were swirling online that the director of Night of the Living Dead had already left this mortal coil. But the Pittsburgh native had actually just moved to Toronto. He came here in 2004 after meeting his wife, Suzanne Desrocher, on the set of Land of the Dead. Romero is paid tribute by Edgar Wright, who saluted him in the movie Shaun of the Dead. (Romero later gave Wright a cameo role.)

KB726 is the number of a beast of a WWII warplane. Just before Iron Maiden played the Budweiser Stage on Saturday, the band's frontman took a break from piloting the tour plane, Flight 666, to visit the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton—although Bruce Dickinson was only permitted to be a passenger in the Lancaster VR-A.

Pizza Pizza fight explained in excruciating detail. “Paul C,” a customer at the Queen and Broadview pizzeria who shot the epic brawl, did a Reddit AMA to fill in all the unexplained details. Among them: the pie being held up in the melee was the same one thrown on the floor by the woman who ordered it; the guy yelling “My shoe! My shoe!” after a garlic dipping sauce spill was a member of the band that had just performed at the Opera House; and Paul says he left in search for a bite elsewhere but had to return because nothing else was open nearby. (No incidents were reported in the aftermath of the two-hour-and-37-minute Fake Pizza Hotline.)

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The name of a workout supplement slapped with a Health Canada warning because of side effects that can include seizures, psychosis, heart attacks and stroke.

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