Are You Watering Correctly?

There’s no magic to watering properly. It’s really just a matter of ensuring that the water you do supply to your lawn, trees and shrubs is used efficiently.

During the hotter summer months, your lawn will need from 1" to 1-1/2" of water per week either by rainfall or sprinkling. You can use a rain gauge to determine how much extra water will be needed each week. By soaking your soil to a depth of 6", you’ll help your turf’s roots to grow deeper and stronger.

Your trees and shrubs will also benefit from weekly irrigation when rainfall is scarce. Since their roots are much deeper than those of your lawn, it’s a good idea to soak each area thoroughly with each watering.

Avoiding water waste

When setting up sprinklers, try to avoid letting water run down your driveway, the sidewalk or the street. It’s also important to avoid watering during hotter, windier parts of the day when chances of evaporation are high (early morning is best).

Going automatic

If you’d rather not worry about watering, an automatic irrigation system may be your best bet. With an automatic system, you can rest assured that your lawn, trees and shrubs will always get the right amounts of water at the right times.