No room would be large enough for this resistance. As Rogers Media’s attempt to sell off Maclean’s fell apart amid hopes for a better bid, the magazine had its most viral cover yet, thanks to some photoshop tactics—and an old boy band:

Tony Clement faces aftermath of sending dick pics to a stranger. Andrew Scheer kicked the MP out of the Conservatives upon discovering that Clement's sextortion scandal may metastasize. The incident has also spurred reflection on the loneliness of Ottawa—compounded with security concerns.

Who hacked the information of government weed enthusiasts? Private retail can’t get into the cannabis game fast enough now that it has been revealed that Canada Post's delivery tracking tool provided access to names of the people who signed for packages delivered from the Ontario Cannabis Store. It’s the fourth time since C-Day that the OCS issued a statement about something gone sideways:

Prince Charles promises to operate within “constitutional parameters.” The current debates over the relevance of the monarchy to Canada are getting punctuated with a BBC documentary marking the 70th birthday of Prince Charles. Believing that he’ll actually make it to the throne, Chuck has proclaimed, “I won’t be a meddling King.”

The view from outside of city hall. Janet Davis is winding down her council term, after opting not to run in the doubled Beaches-East York ward. Before she departs, though, she's drawing much bewilderment about her attitude towards housing policy after she compained about suddenly being able to see Yonge and Bloor from her house:

Jonny Sun is the new Rupi Kaur. The engineering science graduate from U of T has parlayed his precious “self-care” tweeting into a book deal. Sun also illustrated a new one written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, begging for this old-fashioned takedown:

A misgendering in this newsletter. The staffer whose sexual misconduct accusation got MPP Jim Wilson ejected from the Ontario PCs was reportedly male, contrary to yesterday’s erroneous pronoun. Doug Ford was careful not to confirm this detail.

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Massey Hall renovations have led to the removal of its classic fire escape stairs, which earned this facial-haired nickname.

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