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Academic Senate Newsletter

Wednesday October 17, 2012

President's Message

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Where does the time go? We seem to jump from “welcome back” to “see you at session” and then right to “happy holidays”. As we prepare for the 2012 Academic Senate Fall Plenary Session, we also find ourselves discussing the upcoming election. Yesterday, you received a message to our students from the Governor, reminding them to register to vote. As noted in a previous email, the Senate has taken a position in support of Proposition 30. We also want to encourage you to educate yourselves (and others) about the impact of both Proposition 32 and 38. While Proposition 32 does not directly impact the academic and professional matters that are the purview of the Senate, it will have an impact on faculty voice more generally. As explained on a website supporting Proposition 32:

Yes on 32 goes as far as the Constitution allows cutting the money tie between special interests and career politicians by:
• Prohibiting unions and corporations from giving to candidates
• Prohibiting unions and corporations from deducting money from employee paychecks for political purposes without permission, making all political contributions truly voluntary

We encourage you to educate yourself about all of the propositions. Please keep in mind that your local bargaining agent is a valuable resource for election information.

Michelle Pilati, Ph.D. 

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Many of you attended our recent regional curriculum meetings and had an opportunity to discuss C-ID, TMCs, prerequisites, and repeatability. For those of you thirsting for more information on any of these topics, find the presentations Ion our website and visit our repeatability blog to post your questions or see questions to commonly asked questions.

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Fall Plenary 2012 Session

We are pleased to announce that our keynote speaker will be our new Chancellor, Brice Harris. We’re very excited to share his second day on the job with him and the first day of session with many of our CSSO colleagues. Given all the focus on matriculation and student services over this past year, developing a day of breakouts of mutual interest was a very simple feat. We are also pleased to be hosting a general session that speaks to addressing the mental health needs of our students – presented by mental health advocate Vic Ojakian and others. Friday’s general session will be a panel presentation focusing on the hot topics of the day – whatever those might be in a fall term that seems to be full of new ideas and new challenges.

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Faculty Needed for Development of Next TMCs

We need faculty who TEACH courses in these fields and articulation officers to attend our upcoming Discipline Input Group meetings for C-ID descriptor and TMC development:

  • Child and Adolescent Development
  • Exercise Science
  • Graphic Arts/Graphic design
  • Health science
  • Hospitality/hotel management
  • Nutrition/food science/dietetics
  • Environmental science/studies

October 19, 2012
San Francisco Airport Westin

November 2, 2012
Doubletree Anaheim Orange County

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Area Meetings Friday and Saturday – October 19 and 20, 2012

Areas A and B are meeting on Friday and Areas C and D on Saturday. Information about all Area Meetings is available on our website.

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Lumina Grant to ACCJC

A head’s up to all that a document found at this link  was distributed to your administrators. ACCJC has received funding for projects at our colleges related to SLOs and the “Degree Qualification Profile”.

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Senate Listservs

Just a reminder that anyone can sign up for any of the Senate’s “one-way” listservs. In others words, these are listservs where we push information out. For those of you interested in a two-way dialog, the “unofficial senate presidents’ listserv” has been resurrected. Click here to sign up for Senate listservs or here to sign up for the “unofficial” listserv.

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