Steve Bannon awaits a bigger audience in Toronto. Donald Trump’s former chief strategist just spoke to a crowd of about 25 at a Holiday Inn in Topeka, Kansas. The grander Roy Thomson Hall stage awaits for his appearance in the next Munk Debate, despite loud calls to call it off. His opponent doesn’t anticipate an argument with an empty chair:

“The good and not-so-good of CBC’s Brazil election coverage.” Social media posts that framed the election of Brazil’s new populist president Jair Bolsonaro as possibly being a good thing for Canadian investors backfired badly. In response, the CBC standards and practices department is now promising a more careful approach to clickbait.

CPC backs the NDP against cloudy Liberal ways. Recent attention to Conservative criticism of the news media has led to Andrew Scheer pushing back at implications that it’s their calculated strategy. And he’s even found one common cause with some rival federal leaders: opposing the stalled byelections:

Giorgio Mammoliti knows that political comebacks happen in Brampton. Mammo wanted to run there in the provincial election—but ended up campaigning for and losing his 23-year Toronto city council spot instead. Now he’s apparently going back to Patrick Brown’s town for a 2019 federal run.

Joe Warmington has a charitable plan once he solves that double murder. Police chief Mark Saunders is wary of how details of the deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman were revealed by lawyer Brian Greenspan. But now that there's a $10-million reward, the tips have been been pouring in, and the Scrawler is quite prepared to crack the case:

The neon palms will shine even if no one ever catches another show at the El Mocambo. Michael Wekerle bought the storied nightclub four years ago, and he has presumably spent all that time perfecting some plans. But before any actual re-opening, they’ve almost restored the sign, and sometimes that’s enough of an event in this city:

“It is very important here that the narrator turns nasty and chills the room.” Iqbal Khan of Box Clever Theatre is defending his interactive presentation of The Merchant of Venice, while clarifying that it contains no chanting of “Burn the Jews,” a claim that evidently contributed to the firing of the principal of Bishop Strachan School.

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Former governor general Adrienne Clarkson’s executive assistant used this term in response to questions about why her boss still bills $100,000 a year in expenses to the federal government.

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