Mayoral candidate breaks out some mighty Gotham font. The province’s proposal to slash city council in half could be blocked with an injunction. Meanwhile, councillors who are up for re-election are still unsure of where exactly they’ll be campaigning. (Norm Kelly was caught jumping the gun.) But the mayoral boundaries, at least, are defined, allowing Jennifer Keesmaat to introduce an ambitious target of 100,000 more affordable housing rental units:

Not buying #BuckABeer is a cheap way to #Resist. Premier Doug Ford announced his buck-a-beer challenge—although most craft brewers ain’t buying it. Contributing to the comedy was Roncesvalles microbrewer Bandit Brewery, whose owners noticed their own photo being used without permission by Ford Nation to promote the program.

Saudi Arabia is so woke that they’re asleep. An image that appeared to show a plane aiming for the CN Tower might have been unintentional, but the Kingdom has kept on trolling, with Twitter bots demanding that Canada focus on issues like missing and murdered Indigenous women and Quebec separatism. Weirder still was Saudi state media portraying Jordan Peterson as a political detainee, along with this departed public intellectual:

“Is Justin Trudeau all talk on feminist agenda?” Sun newspapers ran an editorial sparked by the Saudi scrap that blamed it on the PM trying to export his worldview. This provoked a Twitter thread from former Calgary Sun staffer David Veitch, who sees a link between this style of journalism and the tactics of Postmedia board member David Pecker, whose Trump links remain the stuff of suspicion.

The ghost of the travelling salesman. The five stately surnames of a law firm previously adorned the side of 17 Dundonald, near Church and Wellesley, originally built for the Commercial Travellers’ Association of Canada. The building was demolished for a condo two years ago, and now a promise to pay tribute to its legacy has taken shape:

“Vegandale” is here to stay unless nobody ends up going there. Some out-of-towner letters to the Toronto Star suggest that the veganist block of West Queen West will become a tourist draw. But a Parkdale community forum opposing it turned out to be a real thing, which turned the tables on the recent trend of vegans loudly protesting meat promotion:

“In Toronto, Every Car Is The Quiet Car.” Navneet Alang has a succinctly frustrated meditation about riding the subway when not interrupted by accordion guys. (The piece appears on Popula, a website hoping to be financially sustained via blockchain.)

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Chicago’s imaginary answer to Tim Hortons, from the movie Wayne’s World, was part of the legacy of the hockey great who died at 78.

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