That was TYPO 2018! We have the highlights of day three for you.


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  TYPO Berlin 2018 Trigger

Dear Attendees and Friends,

That was TYPO Berlin 2018! We triggered all possible synapses during three days with more than 70 talks by the inspiring array of 101 speakers.

We would like to thank all of the speakers, participants, helpers, sponsors, and attendees who made the last three days an inspiring, clever, funny and memorable event.

All good things come in threes: Below are just three highlights of many from day three.

Thanks to all and see you next year,
Your TYPO Team

PS: Can’t get enough of TYPO? Over the following week, we will have more in-depth articles, stories, and moving images ready for you. Stay tuned for updates with this newsletter or via our Social Media channels.

Portrait Aaron Draplin

Filled the entire Foyer with his logo workshop. Photo: Norman Posselt

This year, we were proud to re-announce Aaron Draplin at TYPO Berlin. After his entertaining talk “Things that don’t have a thing to do with graphic design” yesterday, he held a workshop this morning, showing “How To Make A Logo The DDC Way”.

How much love we have for Draplin was definitely proved, when a huge queue showed up this morning at 9.00 a.m.—two hours before the workshop even started. The space in the foyer, generally limited to 25 attendants, was surrounded by hundreds of visitors keen to have the chance to listen to the designer's insights into his work methods.


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Portrait Timothy Goodman

Timothy Goodman knows how trial and error works. (Photo: Gerhard Kassner)

»You’ve got to make a lot of stuff to make stuff like yourself”, the title of Timothy Goodman’s talk, is a good summary of his creative journey so far. After studying in NYC and working at Apple and design agency Collins, he has since been »changing the look by changing the tool«, making murals and illustrations for his personal projects, clients, and his continually growing online audience.

Now he uses this platform to spread a positive message, process his past and call for a better future that’s more diverse and open. How he got here? »You gotta have patience. You gotta make a lot of stuff. It’s never too late.«

Portrait Erica Wolfe-Murray & Alex Mecklenburg

Alex & Erica posed the value question. Photo: Gerhard Kassner

Alex Mecklenburg and Erica Wolfe-Murray from lola media in the UK trigger the audience to start a revolution! “Let’s seize control!” and strengthen our industry on how to not only be creative in the making of design, but also in the commercialization of it.

If we know what differs us from other design studios, and become aware of what areas we're really good at, it’s easier to place a value on our work. Let’s not use time taken as the only factor when charging for our work and give away potential future revenue for free. Let‘s see our work as an investment, not as a one-off cost. Intellectual Property is not just a phrase in a big, complicated contract paper, but an essential commercial aspect. Finally, learn to talk money and don’t be afraid to ask others about how they manage.