Batting down the Hatchimals. A visit to the Spin Master offices by CBC News includes an estimate that the company has lost out on sales of between $3 and $9 million due to supply shortages—but the Toronto company is still worth $3.5 billion. Meanwhile, novelist Sara Gruen, a Canadian expat, was revealed to be the buyer of 156 Hatchimals on eBay, at a cost of $23,595.31, that she hoped to resell to fund the legal defence of a man serving a life sentence. But this gentleman can also hook you up:

“I really have no regrets and it’s honestly really grown our audience.” The Washington Post tracked down Stefanie MacWilliams, a 24-year-old stay-at-home mom from Belleville who contributes to the website Planet Free Willwhere her article about the wingnut conspiracy theory known as "Pizzagate" contributed to an online furor that led a gun-toting vigilante to turn up at the Comet Ping Pong pizza parlour in D.C., where he hoped to avenge a fictional child prostitiution ring tied to Hillary Clinton. (The Toronto Star remixed the story to emphasize that this woman resides not far away.)

Bong bubbles may be about to burst. “Oh, they’re going to pop,” one Vancouver pot company shareholder tells Bloomberg News about the nascent industry's soaring stocks. “It’s going to pop hard.”

Doug Ford gets his wrist slapped 30 months after the fact. The city’s integrity commissioner released a critical report on the former councillor’s dealings with clients of his family's label company.

Regent Park gets a look in the Guardian. David Hayes writes about the “$1bn revitalisation” [sic] from a table at the Paintbox Bistro. Jennifer Keesmaat offered some caution: “Positioning public-private partnerships as a kind of golden goose is misleading,” she told Hayes. (Speaking of partnerships, the money-leaking Guardian announced one of their own this morning—with Vice Media.)

The Walrus is seeking a conservative, rural, religiously observant mainline Christian, middle-aged male to engage in sustained and candid discourse with a liberal, urban, atheistic college professor and self-described hipster.” An intriguing recruitment posting says the successful candidate "will be required to travel to Montreal, at Walrus expense; host his left-leaning counterpart at his own place of residence; and agree to publication of his name and identifying details."

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A nickname awaits $10 bills graced with the face of Viola Desmond.

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