Happy Birthday Ecotrust Canada! No Images? Click here

Happy Birthday Ecotrust Canada!

On February 2, 1995, Ecotrust Canada officially became a registered Canadian charity. Twenty years later, we’re taking the opportunity to look back at some of the exciting work we've done – goodness knows there’s a lot of it – and at the same time look ahead to the great things we have planned for the future.

We invite you to join us in a yearlong celebration of big ideas.


Did you know that Ecotrust Canada used to own a Beaver seaplane?

Or that we started out in a back room at the David Suzuki Foundation? That we helped repatriate a 45-foot totem pole from Sweden to the Haisla Nation? Or that we supported the creation of the Heiltsuk Land Use Plan?

We invite you to dive into the Ecotrust Canada archives with this interactive timeline. The timeline is a living document, and will be updated as Ecotrust friends and family, both old and new, share their recollections of the past 20 years.

20 Years of Ecotrust Canada

Ecotrust Canada at Twenty

This Earth Day, we will be bringing together 20 years of partners and supporters to celebrate our past, present, and future work. We invite you to join us for an evening of cocktails and stories of success.


A New Look for a New Decade

As we start our next chapter, we're more conscious than ever of the way we communicate our approach, our work, and our perspective to the world.

We are proud to announce the release of our new website, which tells the story of Ecotrust Canada like never before. We invite you to explore and learn about the exciting things we have on the go!

Ecotrust Canada homepage

A Note from Brenda


Twenty years seems like a long time, but frankly the time has flown by in the blink of an eye. I think it is fair to say that Ecotrust Canada, always a pioneer by nature and circumstance, has grown up alongside the fields of community economic development, information technology, and innovation thinking. 

I am most proud that through this time we have remained true to the fundamental tenets that drive our mission and give us our energy day by day:

  • Start where communities are, and build solutions that they determine to be useful
  • Work through trusted relationships
  • Demonstrate economic alternatives in real time and place so that genuine learnings ensue
  • Share freely what we discover on that journey

This year we aim to both celebrate and ruminate. What have we discovered that can move the world more quickly toward the changes that must come?