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Barone Ricasoli Albia Rosé 2018 IGT Toscana

This weekend alone, the LCBO is releasing 17 different rosé wines and it’s coming at us in all shapes and sizes: standard bottles and magnums, still and sparkling, dry to sweet, and light pink to dark ruby-stone colours. So how do you safely sail this ocean of pink? One option is to taste them all. Another is to go by the info you have on the wines and what you like, so if you like dry wines, don’t buy one with 15 grams of sugar per litre. Another way would be to seek recommendations, maybe through a trusted email newsletter. Conveniently, this week our recommendation is the Barone Ricasoli Albia Rosé 2018.

Tasting Notes: The blend of Sangiovese and Merlot gives a soft pink colour and terrific aromatics to the Ricasoli Albia Rosé 2018. Aromas of wild strawberry, cherry and perfumed floral notes waft from the glass while the palate is crisp and driven by the play between minerality and delicate fruit, with an elegant finish that lasts and lasts.

Enjoy With: Almost any light fare, from appetisers, grilled chicken, seafood dishes and summer salads. If you’re having a brunch get-together, skip the Mimosas and go with Albia Rosé. There is nothing better with eggs benny!

Style: A light-bodied, fruity and crisp rosé wine.

Terroir/Region: The 2018 Tuscan growing season was marked by a dry September and October which brought a flourishing finish to the season, pushing vines to work hard to pack their grapes with intense flavours. The resulting wines can be both refreshing and intense in style and flavour like the Albia Rosé.

Producer: The Ricasoli family has a long, near ancient, history in Tuscany dating back to the 7th century AD, however, it has taken a modern stance with rosé. Using controlled fermentation temperatures and stainless steel tanks, it has crafted a light, fruity wine with a pale pink colour which shows its quality through persistent flavours and that long finish.

Availability: Barone Ricasoli Albia Rosé 2018 will be released into the Vintages section of your local LCBO on August 3rd, but some stores may have it on the shelf already. It is also available for online ordering and home delivery. Make this weekend rosé all day, every day!

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Price: $16.95

LCBO#: #556266

Size: 750mL

Alcohol Content: 12.5% alc./vol.