“Well I'm sure Harvey Weinstein said that he couldn't recall things either.” MP Michelle Rempel is on the front lines of Conservatives still seeking more clarity on Justin Trudeau’s alleged “Kokanee Grope,” which will likely remain a hot topic until the PM says more. Meanwhile, status of women minister Maryam Monsef tweeted her response to CPC critic Rachael Harder’s remark about the “Liberal version of feminism.” And so this is where we are right now:

Liberals can’t stop policing parody Twitter. Pam Damoff was the latest MP alarmed by a satirical cabinet member account, this one for Ralph Goodale. (Fake Ralph vanished, but then returned with a faker handle.) Questions to Damoff about actual policy matters were left unanswered.

The Art of Banksy patron got his $35 worth. Police never got to the bottom of the alleged theft of Banksy's “Trolley Hunters” print, so movie trailer editor Tharanga Ramanayake took it upon himself to bring his own tribute to the print into the show. He hung it on a wall, and even added a little commentary on the idea of paying $35 admission to see street art. The show's producers naturally dispute that they're somehow gouging the public:

Kensington Market gentrification enters the immersive art maze phase. A popular Reddit thread from somebody who claims to have found a bag of $10,000 in cash taped to the “KENSINGTON” sign spurred an assortment of feelings about the neighbourhood. But now, the market is getting a different kind of tenant. The former Freshmart at 241 Augusta, which was once protested for selling Loblaw products, will soon transform into a hipster funhouse under its original signage: Fairland.

Yonge Street is still Fun Street if your idea of fun is shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart. There wouldn’t be much talk about the Shoppers that replaced the Hard Rock Café if not for the fact that the new store includes the Friar’s Music Museum. For their part, denizens of Rosedale will no longer be deprived of SDM at Yonge and Roxborough. Another project in progress looks like a lot of work:

Styx performed “Mr. Roboto” for Lawrence Gowan’s hometown crowd. The band's entreaty to a cyborg prison guard got an airing on the Budweiser Stage. (Its composer, Dennis DeYoung, will get his turn later on at the CNE.) The "Mr. Roboto" revival is now the main thing Gowan gets questioned about. His bandmates claim they only dusted the song off because of fan requests:

Breakfast Television made room for Roger Petersen. The longtime anchor at Citytv is replacing the abruptly departed Kevin Frankish. Petersen’s selection parallels what happened at CP24 Breakfast, which is now co-hosted by George Lagogianes, after his predecessor Steve Anthony left with little warning. (Meanwhile, the original anchor of both competing breakfast shows, Ann Rohmer, has been considering a run for Toronto city council.)

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A stuffed animal found sitting alone on the subway with some chocolate chip cookies remains the focus of a TTC campaign to find its rightful owner.

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