Rendering woes identified, Chrome testing + t-shirts up for grabs
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Email rendering gone wild
The road to rendering can be a perilous journey. Our guide explains the bumps in the road.
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Departing Email
Email testing for Chrome
We’re excited to introduce email testing in Chrome for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! and AOL.  Get more details ›
Free Litmus Trial. Start testing
in Chrome with a 14-day trial.
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Prevent gaps under images
IE9 and Yahoo! are the latest to fall victim to the ‘image gap bug’  Get the fix ›
Litmus tee
Want a Litmus tee?
Complete our 2012 Survey to win one of five! We’d love to hear your feedback.
News ads appearing in Yahoo! emails
These pesky ads are displayed on emails viewed over an IMAP connection, including smartphones.  Read more and get the fix →
New email clients & browsers added
We’ve added mobile webpage testing for iPhone, along with several new additions to email and page tests.  Get the details →
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