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Protection against blast-induced traumatic brain injury

A new design concept to protect individuals from blast explosions and protect the wearer’s head.

Integrated Li-Fi subsytem

Improved receiver sensitivity for wireless communications using visible light.

Personalised leukaemia treatment

Using forodesine to treat chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) in patients with a specific genetic mutation.

Controlling motion sickness in vehicles

An algorithm that uses sensors on portable electronic devices to reduce the user’s susceptibility to travel sickness.

Enhanced nanoscale communication

A technique which achieves drift-based molecular communication using electrophoresis in fluid media.

Sickle cell screening during pregnancy

A high-throughput, non-invasive prenatal testing technique for the diagnosis of sickle-cell disease in the foetus.

Biosensors for bacterial detection

A remote sensing system provides reliable detection of bacteria and food residue on surfaces using a fluorescent response.

Complications of gestational diabetes

A placental biomarker test for mothers who either present with gestational diabetes or are likely to develop the disease.

Body motion monitoring in MRI and CT imaging

A novel graphene-based piezoelectric sensor that is compatible with both MRI and CT imaging.

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