Good times start at the THC stop sign. Health Canada released its proposed new symbol for legal marijuana products, and the aim seems to be to make everything as unexciting as possible. The boring packaging will likely mean more producers signing up newsworthy influencers like straight-edge buffoon Gene Simmons. But then, the government graphic showing what micro-cultivators can legally grow utilizes a clearly Canadian comparison:

You won’t be run over by a self-driving Uber just yet. The death of a woman struck by an autonomous car in Tempe, Arizona led Uber to suspend testing of the vehicles in four cities, including Toronto. The first sighting of the AVs was last August, as they conducted mapping tasks with humans behind the wheel. Later, Uber started more intensive testing at U of T, apparently including Queen's Park Circle.

“Let’s say he had boundary issues on data even back then.” Cambridge Analytica is in damage-control mode following Canadian whistleblower Christopher Wylie’s claims of data-harvesting overload—which is sinking Facebook stock amidst much infuriation. A federal Liberal insider has emerged to claim Wylie pitched the party a similar idea to the party in 2009. Now the federal government is grappling with how to respond to the revelation.

Disney stands in the way of further exposing Harvey Weinstein. As part of its bankruptcy proceedings, The Weinstein Company is cancelling of all of its employee NDAs. Meanwhile, a Toronto court is hearing arguments related to a $14-million sexual assault lawsuit against Weinstein, from an actress whose allegations date back 18 years. A Walt Disney Company lawyer argued in favour of keeping a seal on documents pertaining to the movie mogul's dealings with the House of Mouse. Marie Henein, arguing on behalf of the actress, said that reality matters, because this isn’t Disney.

Vice Media’s pushing-50 founders succumb to adult supervision. Nancy Dubuc, who just replaced Shane Smith as Vice's CEO, is the woman who steered the A&E channel into the lowbrow reality-show business with Duck Dynasty. Her new role may involve making Viceland less sophomoric. Still, there’s no denying that certain optics remain at play:

Downtown North York seems destined to be driven past forever. City council will soon consider a committee recommendation to reject “Re-Imagining Yonge,” a proposal to make the section of the street between Sheppard and Finch friendlier to cyclists and pedestrians. Meanwhile, efforts to spruce up the Sheppard Centre are about to spell the end for its Brutalist aesthetic from 1976:

Drake’s confession of vegetarianism gets PETA on his case. “I don’t eat meat anymore,” the rapper recently said. “But I enjoy pineapple on pizza though.” In response, a new petition urges Drake to stop working with Canada Goose. PETA, echoing his song “Marvin’s Room,” says: "You could do better.”

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The full story of how this service provider used fake reimbursements to scam a benefits plan is explained in Toronto Life's feature, "The great TTC fraud."

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