"In some ways, we have to realize that this is a good problem to have.” Premier Kathleen Wynne announced the province’s 16 new measures for controlling the price of housing. Now, post-1991 construction will no longer be exempt from Ontario's rent increase guidelines, and non-residents will have to pay a 15 per cent speculation tax. All of this unveiled with soothing typography:

Dart Guy should buy a one-way ticket to Las Vegas. Jason Maslakow didn't bring much luck to the latest Leafs playoff game, which he attended as the guest of Q107’s John Derringer. (Even so, the Vegas Golden Knights have co-opted his painted face with their colours.) Another trip to Washington on Friday isn't in the stars. Meanwhile, he's on Twitter trying to give away Blue Jays tickets.

The new Rogers CEO is too distracted for Twitter. Joe Natale debuted in his new job after his non-compete clause with Telus expired. Customer service was on his mind at the annual general meeting—the company’s content seemingly an afterthought. But while he’s joining employees in the field, Natale’s social media accessibility is all too typical of most Canadian communication execs: initially indifferent, then ultimately abandoned.

Pinball bar in a standoff with its Annex landlord. Tilt, an old-school arcade bar at Brunswick and Bloor, was open for three months before being told its one-year lease wouldn’t be up for renewal, because its landlord wants to make the building into a boutique hotel. Twenty residents upstairs were given as little as 30 days to move out. Tilt owner Nathan Hunter says he has now lined up funding to buy the building himself, but the other tenants may end up on the streets in the interim.

Whole Foods about to open in its most organic habitat. After gestating at Bayview and Broadway for five years (a period in which the supermarket chain’s corporate fortunes sunk) Whole Foods' newest Toronto location is finally opening next Thursday. Much like the artisanal Tim Hortons a few streets over, there’s writing on the wall to remind them of their elitist neighbourhood.

Bill O’Reilly boycotted Canada before anyone boycotted Bill O’Reilly. The Fox News host's hasty exit amid sexual harassment allegations is a reminder that he's no stranger to the ways of mass-media outrage. He once instructed viewers to stop drinking Pepsi for using raunchy rapper Ludacris as a spokesman. Later, he called for a boycott of Canada for harbouring two Iraq War deserters—something Heather Mallick went on The O’Reilly Factor to get badgered about. (Then she squeezed a column out of the deal.)

Word of the moment


The name of a conference at the Sheraton Centre, which earnest marijuana advocates consider an inauthentic effort to cash in.

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