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Nugget Markets “Fresh to Market” January 6, 2010

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Pom Wonderful

Save $1Save $1 on Nugget’s Chef Made Sushi
Save $1 on POM Juices

Famega Vhino Verde

Famega Vhino Verde

Save $3This is one of the most refreshing wines we have tasted in a while. Slightly “spritzy,” low in alcohol and just yummy, like a crisp green apple. 750 ml. bottle. $6.99, Save $3.00

Renew Life Cleanses

Renew Life Cleanse

If you’re looking to start the new year with a cleanse for your system, we carry a wide variety of cleanses from Renew Life, varying in duration (from 7 day to 30 day) and intensity – including an organic total body cleanse. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a pro cleanser, Renew Life makes a cleanse to fit your specific needs.

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Fresh to Market
January 6, 2010
Volume 4, Issue 1

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1/6/2010 to 1/12/2010.

Lighten Up!

Recipe: Portabella & Tomato Napoleon

Portobella Heirloom Tomato Napoleon

Save 1.52/lbIf, like many people, you have resolved to save money and eat healthy in the new year, this recipe will help you do both! We have portabella mushrooms in our ad this week for $4.97/lb., save $1.52/lb.

Fresh to Market Boneless Skinless Free Range Chicken Breasts

Lemon Herb Chicken

Save $1/lbThis is chicken the way it was meant to be! Free-range chicken is more tender, more flavorful and has a better texture than conventionally raised chicken. $3.99/ lb. save $1/lb.,Value Pack

Better with Bran

Bran Muffins

Save $.50Start the day the healthy way with a bran muffin! We have them in six-packs so you can begin your day with one all week long. $4.49, save $.50

Health Notes with Dr. LizDr Liz

A Fungus Among Us!

A misfit in the produce section, portabella mushrooms, like other mushrooms, are a fungus rather than a fruit or vegetable. Despite this seemingly subversive identity, portabella mushrooms supply a wealth of nutrients besides adding a savory flavor to a variety of dishes.

  • Calorie bargain: One cup sliced portabella mushrooms contain a mere 40 calories while supplying over 10 percent of fiber needs and about 20 percent of potassium, a mineral that helps maintain healthy blood pressure.
  • Mineral might: A serving of portabellas supplies almost 20 percent each of the minerals selenium and copper. These trace minerals, which may be in short supply in our diets if we don’t eat well, play important roles in body-cell protection against cancer and other age-related changes that may lead to disease.
  • Anti-oxidant boost: Like many vegetables and fruits, fungi also contain compounds called anti-oxidants that help protect the body from damage that occurs with UV light, air pollution and day-to-day wear and tear that occurs inside body cells. Portabella mushrooms contain ergothioneine, an anti-oxidant that may help reduce risk for certain cancers .
  • Savory uses: Portabellas, thanks to their “meaty” texture, can be served grilled, sautéed, baked or broiled as a main dish (serve grilled slices in a sandwich instead of beef or other meats.) Add sautéed slices to pasta, casseroles and salads. Select firm portabellas without any wet or soggy spots. Store in a paper bag refrigerated for up to a week.

Liz Applegate, Ph.D.

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