MIN-GUIDE Newsletter Nr.2

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Minerals Policy Guidance for Europe


MIN-GUIDE newsletter is out!

In this edition you will find: first project results, upcoming events about minerals policy in Europe and a questionnaire on the innovation impact of minerals policies.

Our common approach

Having a common understanding of the concepts of innovation, benchmarking, and good practice and how they apply to mining legislation and the wider industry, is key to MIN-GUIDE's success. This is why in May 2016 we published a report describing our common approach to these key concepts. Based on an extensive review of existing approaches, the report outlines five key categories of innovation i.e.: product, processmarketing,

organisational and system innovation. It also describes how we intend to benchmark and identify good practice examples of legislation and industry activities. In the report we introduce 5 
criteria to analyse the sustainability and security of the supply of minerals to Europe: resource security, economic sustainability, environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and good governance.

Towards an online Minerals Policy Guide

In  August 2016, MIN-GUIDE published its first deliverable which presents results from interactions with potential users, and provides a first look at the structure for the online guide. In the report we review strengths and weaknesses of existing online database and proposes a first structure of the online Mineral Policy Guide.
Users' needs are also explored in the report through a ‘visioning’ exercise with a range of stakeholders and interviews with potential users. Finally, all these insights

are used to propose a first structure for the guide. This will provide information on a country by country scale, information broken down by position in the mining value chain (from exploration through to mine closure), and will allow the identification of good practice examples. Additional features may include deeper and comparative analyses of legislation, descriptions of implications for industry, and the highlighting of new or updated information.

29 Minerals policy Country Profiles 

The MIN-GUIDE project published a comprehensive report on policy and legislation as well as policy governance framework relevant for primary non-energy minerals production and related sectors at both EU Member State (MS) and EU level. The report is a first step towards mapping and profiling EU and EU MS minerals policy. It contributes to the European Innovation Partnerships Strategic Implementation Plan's target of creating 

“framework conditions for primary raw materials that would provide a stable and competitive supply from EU sources and facilitate its public acceptance”. On the project website you can now consult individual minerals policy Country Profiles providing an overview of the current state of information on the stock-taking of minerals, related policies and legislation, and policy governance frameworks at MS and EU level.

Help us find the biggest innovations
in exploration and mining!

The MIN-GUIDE team is looking at innovation and policy links in exploration and mining. You can help by filling in the questionnaire until 1st October. In the questionnaire we specifically look at exploration (incl. all processes that lead to the discovery of new mineral deposits) and mining (incl. all processes involved in the extraction of materials from the earth). We exclude the processing of these materials and the handling of waste materials. Those aspect will be tackled at a later stage of the project.

1st MIN-GUIDE Policy Laboratory “Good governance in minerals policy in Europe”
Vienna, 4-5 October 2016

The main objective of the 1st Policy Laboratory workshop is to provide an overview of and reflect upon good governance examples in Minerals Policy in Europe. The workshop will include a discussion on the results of a comparative stock-taking and interviews with policy-makers on national minerals policy governance frameworks. On this occasion, the MIN-GUIDE team will present the first version of the online Minerals Policy Guide. If you want to know more about the event write us an email.


1st MIN-GUIDE Annual Conference

Brussels, 2 December 2016

The 1st MIN-GUIDE Annual Conference will take place during the European Raw Materials Week (28 Nov-2 Dec, Brussels).
It will focus on minerals policy and legislation as well as minerals governance approach at Members States and European Union level.
The Annual Conference will host up to 200 participants from all over Europe to exchange knowledge and experiences.
In addition to a high-level keynote and interactive sessions, the online Minerals Policy Guide will be presented.


IMA-Europe Conference

28 Sept 2016

The Conference seeks to explore the potential for value chain symbiosis in the environmental and product stewardship areas. It will consist of two moderated round tables.


European Raw
Materials Week

28 Nov-2 Dec 2016

The 1st "Raw Materials Week" gathers a wide range of stakeholders to discuss on raw materials policy and initiatives.
Stakeholders are invited to organise satellite events.


Sustainability of mineral policies and the environment

21-22 Nov 2016

At the Conference businesses and policy makers present projects 
about sustainability of mineral resources in EU Countries and impact on the environment.


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 innovation and research programme under agreement No. 689527


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