New surfaces and celebrating 20 years! 🎈

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Since 1996


Twenty Years!

As Joseph tells it—and he's maybe told it to you—he started Surface Studio in 1996 thinking that if he made 50 large backgrounds he could just cover his painting studio rent. And here we are, 20 years later, with over 3000 surfaces, backgrounds, and set pieces in our inventory and no signs of slowing down. Joseph is still busy! He has made on average one item per day this year alone! Not to mention launching our own Photo/Video studio.

Anyway, no need to get sentimental. Thanks to all our wonderful longtime clients for making the past two decades worthwhile and a gracious welcome to all the new ones this year. We've got some new stuff for you, and likely more soon!

Mokus, Joseph, and the Surface Studio team

New Surfaces - Smoky White Venetian Plaster
New Surfaces - Deep Green Nearly Black Marble
Light Blue Brushed Mirrored Acrylic