Justin Trudeau’s alleged grope is nearly old enough to vote. The most recent controversy facing the PM involved a Fête nationale protestor who questioned whether he lacked the Quebecois credentials to pontificate about poutine. Meanwhile, the story of a reporter's 18-year-old groping allegation against Trudeau may not be entirely over:

“There are people at city hall who just want to polarize, who just want to politic, who just want to do that because in some cases I think they just really enjoy it. They find it fun.” Mayor John Tory kicked off his re-election campaign, which has raised about $1 million so far despite the improbability of a serious challenger stepping up. Instead, he took aim at councillors who criticize his transit plan. One of them, Josh Matlow, faces a reprimand over comments about Scarborough.

Former civilian police staffer will spend a year in jail. Erin Maranan, who admitted to using her police privileges to perform unauthorized searches on people, some of whom later turned up dead, was “wilfully blind” to what the info was used for, according to a judge. Her lawyer’s response at the sentencing: “The weapon here was the computer.”

The newsworthy live television moments of Pride. CityNews reporter Faiza Amin was the latest to have “FHRITP” shouted at her during a live report. Over at CP24, Gurdeep Ahluwalia ended up in the path of parading naked men for a flash, before cutting away.

“Weed Toque Girl” accepts her photographic ubiquity. The latest Canadaland podcast features an interview with “Dawson,” who wore a pot-themed winter hat to 4/20 on Parliament Hill and became a news media icon. Rogers Media chose a wider shot of this year's rally to illustrate its podcast launch:

Jazz.FM91 supporters aren’t buying claims of “a fractured media landscape.” The official word from the radio station’s interim CEO, Charles Cutts, is that “competitive and financial pressures” are to blame for the termination of five full-time staff and two contractors. But the firings occurred amidst sexual harassment allegations against their former boss, Ross Porter, who remains on the air. The lack of disclosure about the situation has discouraged at least one long-time donor to the station:

John Holer dead at 83. Marineland, founded in 1961 by Holer, a Slovenian immigrant, became known for its commercial jingles. But then the “Everyone Loves Marineland” slogan was challenged by animal activists. Prosecutors withdrew recent cruelty charges against the park, clearing the way for its $21-million lawsuit against the OSPCA.

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The city is selling some land near the gentrifying Junction to this slaughterhouse, but neighbours are fighting the transaction down to the closing wire.

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