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We hope that you had an enjoyable break and that 2018 is being kind to you so far! The Cambridge Maths team have started the year at full tilt – we are refining the work we have already done on the content for beginners and are making headway into the later topics now too.  Our work has been hugely helped by the addition of Ben into our team – Ben is working very closely with us to determine the structure and design of the network graphing software that we are using to both write and communicate our work.


We’re going to share some of this work, and those ideas we haven’t yet tried out, at our Symposium in London in March. Sadly we can’t invite all our supporters and colleagues but intend to live stream the event via Twitter so if you’re interested you will be able to follow along. And after the event we will post edited highlights on our redesigned site.


Between then and now the team will be continuing to blog, and Lucy will be writing a couple more Espressos, of which more below. Do get in touch if you have comments/suggestions/improvements to the site that you’d like to see implemented – we do like to hear from you.

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Each month we bring you an Espresso - a small but intense draft of filtered research on mathematics education. Espresso 10, which explores the relationship between working memory and mathematical learning, is our first 'Doppio' - a collaboration between Lucy Rycroft-Smith of the Cambridge Maths team and researchers from the Univeristies of Loughborough and Nottingham. Espresso 11, which will look at effective CPD, will be published shortly, so watch the Espresso section of our website to be sure to catch it as soon as it comes out.




What's new at Cambridge Maths

The team has been involved with some Collaborative Lesson Research events in both Manchester and London, and we were delighted that Professor Akihiro Takahashi of De Paul University, Chigaco, took a day out of his busy schedule to come to Cambridge to discuss the development and design of the Cambridge Maths Framework.


Speaking of the Framework, we are excited to be working with the UX team at Cambridge Assessment; they will be creating detailed use cases which will help us in our framework design and also as we look forward to developing a business strategy for the project.


We are continuing to make changes to our website: the Newsletter section has a new graphic and the sign-up page now includes a link to the latest newsletter as well as to a Newsletter library page which has links to all of our previous newsletters. We'll be adding a 'More' section in February, providing links to publications and articles by team members, and are planning a complete redesign of the Mathematical salad section. Don't forget to check out our weekly blogs - and do feel free to join the conversation by leaving your comments.




The Cambridge Mathematics Symposium 2018

We are delighted that the first Cambridge Mathematics Symposium will be held at the British Academy, London, on 21 March 2018. This roundtable event is our opportunity to bring together many of the colleagues who have supported us thus far, to present our progress to date and to engage in discussions about the next part of our journey. We are finalising the details and have confirmed speakers who we are sure will provoke some interesting and useful conversations. We’re also aiming to have some international input through video conferencing.


Unfortunately places are very limited for this event and attendance is by invitation only. We wish we could invite everyone, but thanks to modern technology no-one needs to be left out: anyone who is interested can watch and listen to the day as it will be streamed live via our Twitter feed.


Check the Events page on our website over the next month for updates on the Symposium, including details of speakers and sessions. 

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