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22 May 2015 - consultation question two

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Thank you to those of you who started off the conversations about ‘cutting the maths’.  We had some very thoughtful and helpful responses which drew on international research as well as current UK structures. One main issue that was reiterated was the importance of ensuring that, however a framework is constructed, it should make connections across the web of maths as evident as possible.  I’ll be returning to that idea in the future.

We now have a couple of hundred colleagues who have signed up to receive these emails and I am hoping that the community will become even more international as time progresses. If you have colleagues whom you think would be interested in contributing, please do invite them to join in.

Previous conversations will be saved and accessible and the questions will still be open to responses, so if you have second or even third thoughts, or want to reply to a posted comment, please do.

Best wishes

Question 2 - comparing approaches to frameworks

I’ve been reading a lot about frameworks recently and in particular looking for similarities and differences between learning maths and learning a language. The questions I’m posing on the site this week are to seek input on thinking about the Cambridge Mathematics Framework in a slightly different way, based on those comparisons. 

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