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Lawley Pharamaceuticals

Friday January 7, 2011

Your Coupon Code

You are receiving this email because you are currently or have previously ordered one of the Lawley Pharmaceuticals Australia hormone creams.

In the Hormone Solutions December 2010 Newsletter #5 we advised that there would be a price increase for all Lawley products, effective 7 January 2011.
In the newsletter we provided a Coupon Code for our existing Customers to minimize the impact of this price increase and retain the old price for all product lines until then end of February 2011.



The loyalty of our customers to our brand and company is greatly appreciated and because of this we will be indefinitely extending the validity of the Coupon beyond the notified expiry date.

From 1 March 2011 when you order and enter your Coupon Code you will receive a 5% discount off the new pricing structure.
Unfortunately we are unable to make retrospective price adjustments if the Coupon code is not entered at the time of placing the order.

Your Coupon Code is not transferrable.

As stated in the newsletter, due to the dramatic fall in value of the US dollar against the Australian dollar over the past 6 months this has impacted significantly on production and operating costs.
We appreciate that any price increase is an impost on our customers, however the 40% shift in the exchange rate during this time, with little prospect of a reversal over the next few years, makes this increase unavoidable.

Your support has allowed us to provide effective and affordable healthcare products to the world. We trust you will continue to support us in the future.
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Yours sincerely

Michael Buckley
CEO and Principal Pharmacist

© 2010 Hormone Solutions
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