John Tory’s second term starts with a pot shop watch. Cannabis storefronts are cool with the mayor, but he wants the city to have more control:

The coming $99-million loss to the land transfer tax. Former mayor David Miller was among those who cautioned that leaning too much on the haul would backfire when the real estate market cooled. John Tory’s office claims not to be worried yet.

 Ford Nation salutes all of the aged babies named Marie and Joseph. The most popular names of the past century are highlighted in Ontario’s statement about the top ones from 2017. Amelia and Logan are also cited for currently trending across the province:

“I was almost late today, to practice, because of going to the store, going to the corner store, finding containers to put my milk from out of this bag in containers.” Raptors guard Danny Green has a podcast about life in the NBA. No better way for his audio stylings to get national attention than for Green to call for the banning of milk sold in bags.

William Shatner’s social media meltdown over Global. Captain Kirk blocked Global News on Twitter last year after they promoted a journalist seeking dirt on his life. The publication of a Q&A about Shat’s new Christmas album led to tempers flaring again:

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is back on at the CBC. The public broadcaster rushed to remove the track from its digital music streams when the backlash started. Then the ban became a recurring topic of discussion. CBC has now reversed the decision.

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