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We’ve been heads down during the summer and so our news to you is very late. Now that a different holiday season is nearly here we’re conflating our news with impressively early Season’s Greetings in the hope that you’ll appreciate that on average we’re on time….

We’re just over half way through our initial five-year period and are beginning to share our thinking to date with colleagues both here and internationally. Thank you to those who have worked with us – we look forward to contacting more of you in the new year.


Below you can read a little of where our main energy has been directed and our plans for the next couple of years. We have accomplished a great deal in terms of collating evidence and designing a structure, but there is an awful lot more to do! We’re looking forward to the break and send you our best wishes across the miles for a good holiday too, and for a peaceful 2018.

Best wishes




What's new at Cambridge Maths

In October two new members joined the team: Ben, who had been consulting with us on the design of our framework software, now works part time for us, and Tabitha, who has joined us from Underground Maths and NRICH as a framework writer.


Having welcomed Tabitha and Ben in October, in November we said farewell to Vinay, who has moved to Lincoln. Vinay's contributions to the framework over the past 14 months have been invaluable; we are not totally losing his expertise, however, as we plan to continue working with him on a consultancy basis.


With these changes to the team it was definitely time to update the website, so Lucy has created an exciting new explainer video which is now front and centre on our home page carousel. This 2-minute animation gives an overview of the project, introducing who we are, what we are doing and why. 


Other changes to the website include the addition of a FAQ page and updates to the About Us section to reflect the changes within the team. Everyone - more or less willingly -  had new photos taken for this. Do have a look at our new line-up.



Latest Espressos

Each month we bring you an Espresso – a small but intense draft of filtered research on mathematics education. Espresso 8 examines how the use of calculators in primary schools affect mathematics teaching and Espresso 9 looks at the characteristics of effective feedback to mathematics students.



Our annual attendance at the ISDDE conference was, as usual, a pivotal point in our year. The opportunity to present our work, hear about the work of others, and chat informally to some of the best designers internationally is the best form of professional development we could have. You can read Lynne's blog on the conference in the Mathematical salad section of our website. We’re now saving up for next year’s conference which is a little nearer to home in Galway. You can find out more about ISDDE at 

To find out about other events the team has attended and where they are off to next, take a look at our events page.

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