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Hi gang.

Another week, another stellar performance from WARC. Well, ok, except for getting rained out at ANA but hey, we've closed the gap and now trail by just 20 points, down from 30 (that's two wins in a four) behind the behemoth in black-and-white.

It's been a big week for the club, we've also added another boat to the stable with the Zaringai (ok, I'm not sure if that's the name, but I think it's something like that) which we purchased from Adelaide as a second-tier boat to mirror the Irvine, and we've got a 4- and HW1X en route from Geelong.

Thanks to everyone who helped load our 19 boats back on the trailer in the pelting, bucketing, horrendous drenching rain that hurtled down on Saturday.

There's lots to get through in this edition so grab a cup of tea, coffee or sustagen (Phillipa) sit back and read on.

Oh - hope the new layout works for you. If you see yellow writing on black, that's the way it's supposed to look. If it's black writing on white... try going into options, properties and "view internet zones" and that might help.

Otherwise... we're working on the computer glitches!

Schoolgirls regatta - June 7 (good luck, girls!)
Mettam headrace - June 8
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie: June 15
First pennant regatta at Champ Lakes: June 21
Bunbury fundraiser for Alex and Jamie: June 21
Next erg test (2km) plus busy bee: June 28/29
Youth cup athletes/coach application cutoff - July 14

ANA logo

The ANA wrap-up

On Saturday, May 31, more than 30 of WARC's competitve members headed out to Maylands for the annual ANA regatta over 1000m. Racing was suspended at 11.10am after a spectaular thunder-storm complete with lightning rolled in. At 12.40, the club captains voted to cancel the regatta as the weather radar showed another front of wind, rain, hail and lightning headed south as hundreds of cold, wet grumpy rowers fought over bacon and egg sandwiches in the ANA clubhouse.

The good news is, the regatta wasn't called off until after WARC recorded a bunch of wins, including the WC1X, WB4-, WD8+, MB2- and MA2-.

At the draw on Tuesday, an RWA official commented that no one could remember the last time WARC topped the pennant table, let alone won the actual year (there were mumblings about "30 years or so"). We gained another 10 points on ANA after the half-day regatta and if we top the leaderboard - even if we don't win the season - rest assured there will be celebrations.

To all those competing in the Mettam 3km and 5km headrace... row well! See entries to the right, details below.

On a slightly less-cool note:

If you are allocated to boat unloading you ABSOLUTELY MUST come to unloading unless you swap with someone. We had insufficient numbers after the ANA regatta which made a lot more work for a lot less people. Please don't make me name names or think up evil punishments. Because I will.

oar fees

Oar fees...

Are not actually due yet.

There is a big excel spreadsheet pinned up in the club with everyone's oar fees on it... except it's currently wrong: I have to subtract the ANA races that weren't rowed. Sorry.

Anyway, the upshot is, we'll be looking to collect round one of oar fees from rowers at the end of June. At this early stage, not many rowers have racked up above the $50 included in competitive membership (except for the usual suspects... single scullers!) so the June invoices will not amount to much. If you want to know how much you owe, please email

Sean's boys

Harrison Ford

Why we love the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

We've had a few special guests at WARC over the past couple of weeks. WA Institute of Sport rowers Christian Eyres, David Watts, Elliot Bannan and Harley Mooney with their coach (and former WARC headcoach) Sean Leyland have been camped out at WARC while their WAIS boat undergoes repairs.

It's been an honour to have the guys training out of WARC as they're heading off to Austria in July for the Junior World Rowing Championships and we wish them all the best.

To help fundraise for their berth at the title, WARC members have been invited to the Astor Cinema at 659 Beaufort Street in Mt Lawley on June 15 to watch the next instalment of the Indiana Jones quilogy (is that the next step up from a trilogy?).

For $20, rowers can not only support the guys heading to Ottensheim but also chow down on complimentary snacks and a drink from 3.30pm and watch the ageing Harrison Ford reprise his role as the whip-cracking archaologist from some time last century.

For tickets, call David Watts on 92871198 or Gill Watts 0423177466.


Canning River


1 UN MA2X-
2 UN MB2X-
3 UN MC2X-
6 AN-1 MB1X
8 AN-2 MB1X
9 An-3 MB1X
10 MB MC1X
11 SW MC1X
12 AN MC1X
13 Un 2 MC1X
14 CU ME2X-
15 An ME2X-
16 WA WC2X-
17 AN WC2X-
18 SW WC2X-
19 SW-1 WB1X
20 AN WB1X-
21 SW-2 WB1X-
22 AN MM2X-
23 WA MD1X-
24 UN MM1X
25 AN WD2X-
26 Un WD2X-
27 SW -1 WE2X-
28 PE-1 WE2X-
29 SW-2 WE2X-
30 PE-2 WE2X-
31 AN WD1X
32 AN WE1X-
33 AN WM1X-
34 SW MB8+
35 SW MA4X-
36 WA MC8+
37 AN MC2X+
38 WA MD8+
39 UN MD4X+
40 AN MD4X+
41 WA WB4X-
42 AN WB4X-
43 SW WB4X-
44 WA WB4-
45 SW WB4-
46 MU ME8+
47 AN MM4X-
48 MU MM4X-
49 WA WD8+
50 SW WD8+
51 An ME4X+
52 SW ME4X+
53 WA ME4+
54 An ME4+
55 WA WC4+
56 MU WE8+
57 AN WM4X-
58 AN WE4X+
59 WA WE4+

SRRC Mettam headrace details - entries in the side bar

Of almost 60 crews entered in the SRRC Mettam headrace this weekend, 10 are from WARC including two fours made up of our newest competitors from Squad X - welcome guys!

Each rower who wins their event will receive two pennant points to go towards the club total (so an 8 = 16 points). Their individual status scores will not change, however.

To receive a trophy, a crew must beat another crew in their class. If your boat is the only one of its class, you will still win the points but not get the glass.

The race kicks off at 9am for 3km events (single sculls, pairs and doubles) or 9.30am for big boats. Competitors, please stay tuned for boat loading and unloading details from Peter Tomic and expect some plans for a post-race lunch to be organised... somewhere. I'm working on it.

Bow numbers will be distributed on the day. Copies of the below map will be sent out to competitors this week, along with loading details.

canning map



Alex Hagan also heads to the Junior World Championships

If you need to ask "who is Alex Hagan", chances are you've never come up against her in a single scull race... unlike your captain, who has left her pride on the shore many many times to be completely belted in the single by the powerhouse from Bunbury with legs that go all the way to her armpits.

Alex and her coach Jamie Jones (who is almost a WARC member as his daughter Phoebe has joined the WARC family) are also heading to Austria for the Junior World Champs, along with our surrogate 4 with Sean Leyland.

Alex has long been tipped as the next big thing in women's rowing and her determination has paid off as she's been named the fastest women's single sculler in her age group for two consecutive years.

Bunbury Rowing Club is holding fundraisers to help Alex and Jamie make their way to Austria, with a Dinner Auction night on Saturday, June 21 at the Bunbury clubhouse. Auction items are also up for grabs online at if you want to support Jamie and Alex from the comfort of your armchair in Perth.

Tickets for the dinner are available from Pina at Bath'n'Body Shop, 15 Princep St, Bunbury or call (08) 9721 7700. There's other ways to support too, please give the club a buzz on (08) 9721 3788 for more info.



Need a bit more rowing? How you can get involved...

Lets be honest here: Over the years, I've written many, many newsletters so I don't hold out a great deal of hope with what I'm about to write. All I can offer is my undying devotion and support for anyone who puts their hand up for any of the tasks listed below. Some of them are actually rewarding... scouts honour.


Secretary: Our current secretary the magnificant Marie Limb is busy procreating and will shortly be unavailable to come to committee meetings, take minutes, deal with correspondence and generally help out (not to mention row.) WARC will need another secretary or, if not, another committee member as someone else steps up to the plate as Marie takes time out.

Vice President: WARC Vice President Steve Parks is returning to whence he came (the US) with wife Kelly in tow, much to the devastation of those who rowed with both of them. While we wish them all the absolute best, Steve leaves a gap on the WARC committee in the form of a role for a vice president. Caine Holdsworth holds one of two positions for VP, while Warren Anderson is the incumbent President.

Social secretary: In recent years, WARC has held a quiz night and a cocktail party. Without a social secretary to drive these events, they will not happen. Former social secretaries have simple task lists to follow so it's just a matter of following instructions for some of the best nights in the WARC function room. If you're up for a party, please step forward to drive these events.


Umpires: As of 2007, clubs with insufficient umpires will face penalties for not supplying umpires. WARC has been targeted as one of the clubs with insufficient umpires. All it requires is a bit of weekend time, a skippers ticket and a love of the sport.

Secretary: RWA, the governing body of rowing in Western Australia, is also short of a secretary.


Pennant points

ANA - 330
WARC - 307
BRC - 165
UWA - 143
FRE - 128
CU - 107
SRRC - 86
MURC - 62
PRC - 35

Next regatta: The Mettam headrace, Sunday June 8

3km events start at 9am. 5km events start at 9.30am.

3km - 1X, 2X, 2-
5km - 4-/+, 4X-/+, 8s

Simon Johnson
Trent Leach
David Winch
Matt Hort
Nick Reid
Mike Lane
David De La Hunty
Stuart Payne
Cox: Jenny Verne-Taylor

No. 23

Roland Shepherd

No. 53

Carl Engel
Nic Rosengren
Guy Wuillemin
Josh Beaver
Cox: Tim Murdoch

No. 59

Johanna Neumann
Marjorie Hodgson
Lainie Gara
Natalie Stacey
Cox: Alex Jolly

No. 44

Hayley Bignall
Peta Rule
Philippa Colby
Lee Scmitz

No. 41

Tenille Scott
Phoebe Jones
Amy Walters
Janelle Austin

No. 38

Sam Hughes
Zak Campbell
Chris Tilley
Mat Cocheran
Shaun Brady
Mike Stott
Harley Barnaby
Davide Maurogiovanni
Cox: Nathan Johnston

No. 49

Clementine Jolly
Kim Scully
Angela Knight
Leanne Youngs
Glenda Hirsch
Deirdre Devery
Jess Stacey
Carolyn Murdoch
Cox: Ellis

No. 16

Ella Wallwork
Meg Downes

No. 55

Phoebe Gorfin
Jessie O’Mahony
Nichola Foster
Hannah Vermeersch



Amy "Bobbins" Walters is the WARC merchandise rep for 2008.

Bobs has just received a shipment of specially-designed rowing spanners with 10mm on one end, 11mm on the other which is perfect for the WARC fleet.

The spanners are going for $5 a pop and if you'd like one, please catch up with Amy on or 0422 737 933.

Amy is also the person to go to for bowlights, zoot suits, hats and anything else you might need.

WANTED: A coach!


WARC is looking for another coach to add to the family in red and help bring along the aspiring athletes at our ever-burgeoning club.

This year we have taken on two coaches in paid positions and are now looking for a third.

If you know someone who would be suited to joining a well-supported and already-set program who has a good eye for detail and is interested in taking their career as a coach further, please email or call the captain on 0414 282 448. Remuneration is both competitive with other organisations (including schools!) and based on experience.


And that's the lot! If you have any questions or comments about the newsletter, please email or call the captain, Peta Rule on 0414 282 448. Cheers!

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