Your Landscaping:
Creating a Master Plan

Landscape improvements can make a tremendous difference in the look, usefulness and value of your home. And what better time than spring to consider these types of improvements! No matter what the style or size of your house, your property or your budget, landscape designers can offer ideas to fit your lifestyle and needs.

Planning your landscaping needs usually involves either a simple site sketch, a partial site drawing, or a master plan.

Advantages Of A Master Plan

Although all three types of plans can work well in different situations, creating a master landscape plan offers you several advantages. Your landscape is made up of separate parts - walkways, hedges, trees, patios, storage areas. However, each part should relate to the others and to the look of the entire neighborhood. A master plan considers all the parts of your property as a single “site” and ensures all of your landscape projects will work and fit smoothly together.

Even if you only plan to complete a few improvements immediately, creating a strong overall plan early can save you significant time and money over the long term. With a master plan, you’re able to complete parts of the plan in stages or over several years, as you are ready. You will find that with an overall plan, it is easier to set priorities, and individual projects or sections of your landscape can be done more quickly because they’re already laid out in the plan.

Remember, landscaping can dramatically affect your quality of life. Even small projects now can make a difference. And with a master plan, you have the option of tackling the later, larger improvements at your own pace.