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Crowdfunding our Forests

It’s time we kick-started forest management.

For 8 years, Ecotrust Canada has been working with the Squamish Nation, the Lil’wat Nation, and the Resort Municipality of Whistler to coordinate, plan, and support an ecosystem-based management program for the Cheakamus Community Forest. But comprehensive, improved forest management costs money, and we wanted to make it attainable for these communities – in more ways than one.

Two weeks ago, the final piece fell into place.

The Province of BC announced a groundbreaking agreement that will allow the Cheakamus Community Forest and other forests like it to fund improved management through the sale of forest carbon offsets. This reduced harvest leads to fewer greenhouse gases being emitted, benefitting the climate

By buying these carbon offsets, people and companies can help community forests throughout the province find a better balance – managing forests for both timber harvesting and tourism; cultural values and biodiversity.


You can be a part of it!

Through May 31st, our partners at Brinkman Climate will be selling 12,500 carbon offsets from the Cheakamus Community Forest Offset Project for $25 per tonne. If you, your organization, or someone you know is interested in exploring an offset purchase, please get in touch.


Satnam Manhas has been with Ecotrust Canada since 2008. A Registered Professional Forester, he leads our forest and ecosystem services program. The program creates proof-in-concept projects that demonstrate viable alternatives to traditional forest management, restoring and improving long-term conditions for ecosystems and adjacent communities. “By building value chains to fund this alternative management, we can support forests and communities alike.”

"Forests are more than just timber. Forest carbon management can help communities think creatively about how they can manage their local resources."


Climate change, pollution, funding – these are just some of the long-term challenges for natural resource management. In the Cheakamus Community Forest, we saw an opportunity to create long-term solutions and a better way forward.

Money can be an awkward subject, but lack of funding is an uncomfortable reality for some of the most promising innovations. Resource management, resilient communities, cultural revival – all require support to come to fruition.

The creative funding from Cheakamus offsets represents a viable way forward, blending social responsibility with environmental sustainability. I encourage you to take a closer look at offsetting your GhG emissions by purchasing some of these local carbon offsets.

We believe that economic health and environmental wealth go hand in hand. With your support, we will continue to craft bold new strategies for long-term success.


With thanks,