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SkeenaWild Conservation Trust The Stream: Your Regional Update

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March 2014

March definitely came in like a lion but this little lamb has kept her days bright and cheerful amidst the brisk, chilly winds.  There's nothing quite like running around the riverbank, hootin 'n hollerin and having some good ol' fashioned fun.  Now we can start to feel the prowls and growls of winter softening and the days becoming more sweet, gentle and kind.  Here's to letting your senses drink in the beauty of nature and the crispness of the air for a change.  March on.

Kids & Conservation

"This is my backyard and I love it!"  These are words of wisdom from an energetic three year old whose family makes it a priority to spend lots of time outdoors and in particular fishing on the river.  The health and sustainability of our environment begins with family.  Combine this with the guidance of community and conservation programs and we can help to develop and nurture the next generation of stewards and anglers.  Kids represent our future and the Skeena Watershed is a gift that each generation must protect and pass on to the next.  

Chloe is an Ambassador of SkeenaWild!  Are You?

Interested in learning more about our Ambassador Program?  The SkeenaWild Ambassador Program promotes global education of local conservation issues that impact the Skeena Watershed.  It aims to empower people with the knowledge, resources and tools to ensure the long-term sustainability of our communities and ecosystems.  It's exciting stuff and we would love to hear from you.  Get in touch.


Proposed KSM Project: Impacts

This week SkeenaWild unleashed another astounding and disturbing body of work highlighting the serious impacts on Nass, Bell Irving and Alaskan Salmon from the proposed KSM mine by Seabridge Gold. SkeenaWild created a short video illustrating the facts and findings from our report Sub-lethal metal toxicity concerns for Unuk watershed salmonids from Seabridge Gold’s proposed KSM mine. This report is an extensive review of existing scientific studies and compared the results to the metal contaminants Seabridge Gold Inc. proposes to release into the Nass and Unuk watersheds.  The bottom line does not fare well for the fish.  Metals released will exceed levels known to have serious impacts on salmon.  The report also takes a look at the absorbanent amount of money required for water treatment costs and how taxpayers could be on the hook for the clean up. 

Rod Brown, in-house Multimedia Specialist, comments that "This style of animated narrative has enabled SkeenaWild to communicate technical and scientific information in an easily understandable way to a variety of audiences."

To provide comments to the BC and Canada environmental assessment processes write to:

Watch the Videos!
Read the Report!


DFO plans to reverse decision to protect wild sockeye and steelhead.

Progress made in 2009 to protect and rebuild weak stocks of Skeena salmon, based on recommendations from the Independent Science Review Panel and harvest rules consistent with the Wild Salmon Policy, is now on the chopping block. DFO proposes to dramatically increase the mixed stock marine fishery despite scientific evidence that this increase will have serious impacts to already suffering wild sockeye and steelhead in the Skeena.

Furthermore, DFO’s proposed Skeena sockeye harvest rules betray due process, fail meaningful consultation, violate the federal Wild Salmon Policy and negate honoring constitutional obligations to First Nations. Read Lake Babine Nation’s submission to DFO regarding impacts to at-risk wild Babine Sockeye .

Have your voice heard. Demand answers!

Why is DFO proposing to dramatically increase commercial harvest when it is clear weak stocks are not rebuilding?

Why is DFO favoring the commercial industry over conservation, all other interests, its own policies, and its constitutional obligations to First Nations?

Contact DFO:

The Honourable Gail Shea (Minister to DFO)
Sue Farlinger, Regional Director General,


5th Annual SkeenaWild Film Festival Opens in May!

This is a casting call and heads up to all photographers, film makers, creative types and lovers of the Watershed.  Another year has zipped by and it is almost that time again.  Time to get snapping, writing, filming and editing ... time to submit your creation into the 5th Annual SkeenaWild Film Festival. 

As always our categories will include Wild People, Wild Places and Wild Things for photography and Feature Length and Shorts for Films.  And stay tuned as new details and categories unfold within the next month.  We have some nifty plans in the works and will be looking to you for your input and participation!

To help you along the way we have a handful of Canon HD video cameras, GoPro cameras and other techie gear.  We also provide support and assistance if you need a little help with your project. 

Interested in becoming a SPONSOR?  We welcome your contribution and ideas.  Email or call us to learn more about getting involved with this amazing regional initiative.


Garbathon Coming Up in April!

Let's get out there and pick up some trash y'all!  Each year in celebration of Earth Day, SkeenaWild joins forces with the Greater Terrace Beautification Society and the City of Terrace and helps to organize a clean-up of the Terrace area and riverbanks.  It's all about community, connection and collaboration.  Kids of all ages can pitch in to clean up where we live and play.  

Stay tuned!


Donate to SkeenaWild

And now it's time for our non-profit plug.  We are the little guys, tackling big issues and making our best effort to get the region informed and involved.  Please DONATE today.  This could be a one-time donation of $50 or a monthly donation of $3.  If we all do a little, we can do a lot! 

And when you click on this link to donate, take note of our SNAZZY new colour scheme and have a cruise around our Web site.  It matches our groovy RED Fish logo and we think you'll love it too! 


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