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Gaining Life and Vocational Skills

The Vocational Education program at Hammitt Junior-Senior High School is helping students gain independence and transferable job skills! The Baby Fold individually assesses each student to determine their interests, goals, and preparation for entering the world of work. Students are afforded either hands-on involvement in community based learning sites, opportunities to experience work through on-campus work jobs, or paid employment through a formal work-study placement with a community employer or sheltered workshop. Pictured here is one of our students, partnered with local Walgreens associate, Louise. Providing our students with guided vocational learning opportunities during their junior high and high school years gives them unique insights and skills that last a lifetime!

A Decade of Valentines for The Baby Fold

For over a decade, children at The Baby Fold have felt loved on Valentine’s Day thanks to Illinois State University students in the TRIO Student Support Services Program. Blessing The Baby Fold kids with decorated valentine bags filled with treats and notes of kindness is their way of illustrating love and compassion. According to project coordinator Tamekia Bailey, the first generation and low income students in the TRIO/SSS program have demonstrated that "while these students have their own set of challenges, they are willing to help and illustrate to others that no matter what struggles you may have, you are still an asset to your community.” We couldn't agree more and are thankful that TRIO/SSS puts their love into action for The Baby Fold's special education students! To read the Illinois State University News article, click here.

Meeting Sensory Needs in Creative Ways

For children and adults who are on the Autism spectrum, daily life can be challenging. Imagine if the sounds around you were amplified or distorted, if the lights hurt your eyes, or the clothes you wear caused your skin to itch. Focusing on daily tasks would become difficult and communicating that discomfort would be frustrating if those around you couldn't understanding your pain. At Hammitt Schools, students find comfort and understanding through compassionate teachers who utilize unique sensory spaces where students can learn to calm their minds, soothe their bodies, and successfully process their emotions. Sensory lighting, chairs that rock or bounce, hammocks that cradle, and even oil diffusers provide therapeutic interventions. Teacher Therapist Dani Loseki is encouraged by the improvement she sees in students who use these spaces. “It's so important to teach children the ways they can calm themselves. With the special sensory equipment, we can shorten the time they feel distressed and lengthen their time spent engaged with people and academic or vocational tasks. We’re so grateful to have these tools available to our kids." To partner with The Baby Fold in meeting the unique needs of our students, please visit our giving page here!

March Gladness

It is the season when sports fans turn their attention to basketball! We love to watch college players dazzle us with their athletic skills. Often when these stars are interviewed, they talk about their big dreams made real through countless hours of practice that have led them to success. At The Baby Fold, we celebrate "March Gladness" as we witness the successes of our children and families. We recognize their hard work and dedication that leads them to develop and practice new skills- in relationships, academics, and vocational training. Perseverance makes the difference. Dedicated to teaching and guiding, our staff coach kids and families as they learn new ways of living- step by step, setting goals that move them forward so that they can become safe, well, and prosperous. 
Regardless of who wins the NCAA championship, we will be cheering for our hard working staff and clients. When we help a family lift up a child, it's a big win for everyone! To team up with The Baby Fold for kids, give a winning gift here.