When your house becomes Fake News. “Maybe this is my time to sell,” says an Ancaster woman whose garage was spray painted in 2016 after a nearby city-owned tree was chopped down. A photo of the vandalism recently resurfaced on junk news websites in connection with a different story:

“For all wondering, i did not mean to kick her, i only meant to kick the phone out of her hand.” Jordan Hunt tweeted in response to a video that shows him roundhouse-kicking an anti-abortion protester at Bloor and Keele. Cops are investigating. Hunt lost his hairdressing job after the incident.

John Tory isn’t so into one-on-ones with Jennifer Keesmaat. The mayor has refused to do a head-to-head with Keesmaat on CBC, and his campaign is spinning it as a call for diversity. Rather than fill the roster with also-rans, CBC called the whole thing off:

CAA poll claims that half of pot smokers have driven while high. Survey results conclude that 1.9 million Ontario motorists have wheeled under the influence of weed. Meanwhile, travellers within Canada will be allowed to fly with up to 30 grams.

Sue-Ann Levy shouts that her voice was silenced. After her twice-weekly $70-per-spot chats with John Oakley were axed from Global News Radio, the Toronto Sun columnist visited The Rebel to claim a conspicuous conspiracy against her kind. At least AM 640’s morning guy got a chuckle out of it:

Jazz.FM91 is seeking donations amidst drama. The radio station is running its fall fundraising drive with fewer on-air pleas for money than before—while also challenging a wrongful dismissal lawsuit from former morning host Garvia Bailey. And now a donor is suing Jazz.FM for allegedly trying to stymie an effort to overthrow its board of directors.

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Justin Trudeau offered this fresh epithet for Conservatives demanding answers about the transfer of a child killer from prison to a healing lodge.

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