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I made a quick trip to Taxco to fill in the blanks for the holiday season ... per usual this is just a hint of what we have to offer. A final shipment will be sent in a week and more will be arriving in the shop day by day.

Below, I threw in a few shots of what I consider my second home - Taxco! 
25 years later, I know the town like the back of my hand and continue to be stunned by it's beauty - rain or shine.




Octopus bracelet - WOW!


Taxco the next day, as a storm clears - taken from the terrace of designer, Annabel Humber 

Kevin Oliver

New bold pins and pendants from Kevin Oliver

Guillermo Arregui

Guille's copper/silver collection 

Woman in blue selling blue mushrooms - the mercado is a wonderful maze that winds down from the zocalo - easy to get lost, unless you know the town like the back of your hand!

Kevin Oliver

For those of you who think you are the last person on earth who does not have pierced ears - a dynamic collection of Clip Earrings!

Bumblebee with Anthurium