Draft UK Re-use Standard 2013 - public consultation

Is a UK Re-use standard necessary?  Yes said 70 per cent of you in a recent Let’s Recycle.com poll.  So please tell us what you think about the draft standard live on our website.  You haven’t got long - the public consultation closes on 01 November. 

The draft standard is a sector-wide approach to the processes needed to prepare products for re-use.  It has been drafted in association with a Technical Advisory Group comprising of UK stakeholders from across the re-use sector; including Governments, public bodies, commercial and charitable re-use operators, and waste and resource management companies.

We are seeking technical and editorial comments on the draft text, and also your views on including product-specific requirements, and on branding, compliance and other aspects of implementation.

PAS 141 – Re-use standard for electrical products

Really Green Credentials has become the second Certification Body approved to carry out independent audits for re-use organisations wishing to achieve PAS 141 – the re-use standard for electrical products.    

Since the launch of the scheme in February, companies who have achieved PAS 141 certification of the standard are Nilwaste, Wastecare and RD Trading Limited.  They can now demonstrate a high quality treatment process, promote the quality of re-use items, increase customer confidence and help to reduce illegal exports. 


Collection of recycling grade textiles (CFR005)

WRAP is seeking expressions of interest from industry to establish and operate a series of demonstration projects aimed at increasing the collection of recycling (‘rag’) grade textiles for recycling.  Closing: 01 November.

Financial Evaluation of End Markets for Textile Rag and Fibre within the UK and Overseas (MPD007-015)

The purpose of the work is to build on a report recently provided to WRAP on research into textile rag and fibre markets (currently unpublished) by critically evaluating and quantifying significant commercial opportunities for end markets for rag and fibre textiles in the UK and overseas which would be financially attractive for UK reprocessors.  Closing: 01 November.

Pilot projects to identify re-use, leasing and repair opportunities across Wales (REU005-001)

We are seeking applications from across the industry to establish and operate a number of pilot projects within Wales aimed at increasing the re-use, repair and leasing of priority products.  Priority products are textiles, EEE and furniture.  Closing: 4 December.

Getting to know you – straw poll survey

Thirty-one people completed our survey in August - thank you.  The amalgamated results are now available to share with you at www.wrap.org.uk/reusesurvey. 

They show that overall the term ‘re-use’ is widely used within organisations.  Your understanding of the term is ‘to re-use an item, or its components, for its original purpose’.  ‘Refurbished’ is your most commonly used word for 're-use' from our list - with both business and consumers.

Click here to answer our next few questions on repair.  The survey is intended as a ‘straw poll’ to share your views.  Responses may be used to shape future WRAP surveys.


Demonstrating the viability of collecting non-clothing textiles

A new study has shown that collecting carpets, mattresses, pillows and duvets for re-use and recycling can be financially viable. Read our summary report and case studies.

Re-use local partnership case studies 

Projects in Leeds, Leicestershire, Surrey and Bucks have demonstrated what can happen if key groups of people work together on re-use. 

Electrical products raw material mapping

A WRAP report has been published about the recovery of critical materials and precious metals from WEEE which is of huge importance to the UK economy.

It includes diagrams to support decision making around interventions needed to reduce losses of valuable materials and highlights clear value in taking action.

Promotional support

The Recycle Now Partners photo library has been updated to include lots more clothing, furniture and electrical images to help you promote your re-use activities.

The library is a free resource for partners who promote recycling, re-use and waste reduction activities and can save you time and money. 

Watch this space as 'coming soon' is a new WRAP Partner website for all your communication resources.

Ground-breaking sustainable building

Take a look online at Scotland’s most resource efficient house.  It opened its doors to the building industry in September. 

Re-use and recycling materials are used throughout, including fixtures and fittings.  Kitchen work surfaces are made from recycled coffee cups; recycled paint was used for the décor; and kitchen bar stools made from reclaimed wood from whisky barrels!

Working together to deliver change

Zero Waste Scotland has announced five communities in the running to be Scotland’s first Zero Waste Town.  The communities are invited to explore how higher recycling rates and greater resource efficiency can help to achieve zero waste by 2020.   

The project has been developed in collaboration with a number of third sector networks including DTAS, Scottish Community Alliance, CRNS, Scottish Climate Change Communities Network. 

European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR)

EWWR is happening 16-24 November and this year's theme is Re-use.  The event is a chance for you to raise awareness of your waste reduction initiatives and show your community how it can play a part in reducing waste. 

Zero Waste Scotland is encouraging businesses, local authorities, community groups, charities, schools and universities to organise promotions and/or actions in their local area.  If you register your Scottish event here by 8 November you can access a range of materials to help with your event, including advertising materials and ideas.

Coming soon - electronic duty of care (edoc)

The current paper-based system of waste transfer notes is being replaced with edoc - a national internet-based system that will monitor the collection, transportation and disposal of waste materials across the UK.  

Edoc goes live from January 2014 and will modernise the way that data is collected and analysed by businesses, regulators and government.  

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