Dalton Pompey’s father was the famous dancing cowboy. Not only is the heyday of Electric Circus long enough ago that one of the dancers had a son who’s now a major league outfielder—it turns out that his dad was the show’s greatest dancer ever.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.” Soon after he was elected MPP for Niagara West-Glanbrook last night, 19-year-old Sam Oosterhoff offered this snippy adolescent response to a question about his education.

Was the “Go Trump!” streetcar video part of the fake news infestation? Video of an altercation on a St. Clair West streetcar was deemed newsworthy as evidence of growing racial tensions. But suspicion has been raised about whether it was actually a work of guerrilla theatre. Among the evidence of fakery: other passengers didn’t see the punch that the ranter claimed was thrown at him, and no one involved wanted to press charges. AM640’s Mike Stafford buys the conspiracy theory (and so do some people on YouTube). But the passenger who filmed the incident believes it was for real:

The new Scarborough separatist movement. Robert McDermott has launched a campaign to draw a new municipal boundary at Victoria Park. He thinks the province may hold a referendum if his petition gets 400,000 signatures. If (or, when) that doesn’t happen, McDermott hopes to run for city council, where he plans to push for secession from the inside.

Battle of the celebrity professors. Ahead of tomorrow's U of T debate on gender identity legislation, Jordan Peterson has previewed some of his arguments in a new YouTube video. Meanwhile, his colleague Mark Kingwell used his Globe and Mail column to promote an opposing view. Kingwell’s advice to those who see millennials as pronoun-obsessed whiners: “I suggest you get stuffed.”

Metallica fanatics figured out the way to Bloordale. Undaunted by the National Post headline, “Human garbage litters Tonight Show stage, shows signs of movement, makes horrible death squawking noise for two and a half minutes before merciful end,” a pre-Napster-era lineup formed at Bloor and Lansdowne for the midnight release of the new album, Hardwired… To Self Destruct.

The Canadian government is gearing up for the post-truth era. Heritage minister Mélanie Joly’s office confirmed that it has applied “industry-specific environmental scanning” to a hypothetical scenario in which both Postmedia and Torstar are no longer in business.

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Critics of police street checks didn't get their hashtagged wish.

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