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SkeenaWild Conservation Trust The Stream: Your Regional Update

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December 2014

All We Want For Christmas Is ... A Healthy Watershed.  We already have our two front teeth ... a resilient Skeena is what matters most to us.  Like this spectacular ice display, there are similarly dramatic goings on both along the river and within our Northwest communities.  We're building co-operation and resiliency so that together we can ensure development protects this incredible place so that we (and our kids) can continue to do the things we love.

Photo:  Ezra Brousseau

Our Air Shed is Full! Doing Our Part to Reduce Air Pollution

What's in the air we breathe?  It's a globally recognized fact that we live in a geographic area where the movement of air and air pollutants is restricted.  The experts for Rio Tinto Alcan (RTA) suggest that it's safe to more than double current SO2 levels.  However, the Northern Health Authority and Regional District Hospital Board have expressed concern over impacts to our health and have called for scrubbers to be installed at the new smelter.  RTA's experts acknowledge that several local lakes will be acidified due to acid rain from increased emissions. 

There is an easy solution:  install scrubbers.  However, RTA does not want to spend money on the technology that is currently being used by twenty other smelters worldwide.  Our very own Ministry of Environment has endorsed this decision by granting a permit to RTA, which allows for increased SO2 emissions at their Kitimat smelter as part of the Kitimat Modernization Project. 

What can you do to help?

Support our Legal Proceedings.  The hearings occur in February, with a decision likely for Spring 2015.  Your donation to our "crowd funding" campaign will help fund the expenses of the legal team and the expert witnesses.  Click here.

Submit your opinion to the Provincial Environmental Appeal Board.

Photo:  Lis Stannus


The Skeena Estuary & LNG

Right now there are a plethora of LNG projects proposed for the Skeena.  While addressing issues of air emissions, human health, soil contamination, and the management of cumulative impacts are paramount, we also need to look at issues surrounding process.  Our government has provided a streamlined process for industry to engage in major development in BC.  But is this process meeting the needs of communities?  Fish and wildlife? What about our right to clean air and water?

The Prince Rupert Port Authority, a federal entity, has encouraged Petronas to place their project on Lelu Island, right overtop some of the Skeena's most sensitive salmon habitat. In the 1970s, DFO warned against siting industrial facilities in this very same location. Environmental concerns regarding the proposed project and revised project plans, remain unaddressed.  Key potential negative impacts of the project remain insufficiently quantified, especially regarding fish populations and associated fisheries.  The proposed project represents an enormous alteration to the Skeena River estuary ecosystem and beyond.  It's time to get serious about how industrial project development is taking place in Canada.

Watch our Video:  Skeena River Estuary - Heart of the Skeena

What can you do to help?

Sign the declaration and get your friends to do the same.

Photo:  Tavish Campbell


Winners of the 5th Annual SWFF Announced

First off ... let's just say we are enormously impressed with all of the amazing video and photo submissions this year.  It made for an incredibly diverse and inspiring showcase of the wild people, places and things of the Skeena.  Our film festival toured from November 12th - 19th and was met with open arms by the people of Old Hazelton, Prince Rupert, Smithers, Terrace and Kitimat.  A special thank-you to everyone who attended, the artists for sharing with our communities and of course, our sponsors.   A show and tour of this magnitude does not happen without your support.

In addition to some fantastic outdoor adventure films, many of this year's submissions shared the common theme of conservation and calls to action, more than we’ve seen before. This undoubtedly is a reflection of the times, a reflection of people’s emotions and a reflection of our love and connection to place.

Drum roll please ... The people have spoken and the VOTES ARE IN!  Click here to see the winners!

Stay tuned, the 5th Annual SWFF will continue to travel to schools and other places throughout BC in the new year.  If you would like to facilitate this year's SWFF in your community please contact us.  We have the content and marketing materials ready to roll.  All you have to do is to rally the people, organize the venue and hit play.


Photo Contest Finalists: Canvas Prints for Sale

Be sure to check out how this year's photography finalists depicted the varied, breathtaking and increasingly ever-changing world that is our Skeena Watershed.

View all of the finalists from the photo contest here.  Each of these photos have been mounted and printed on canvas.  They are FOR SALE for $200 each and are currently diplayed at the Elephant's Ear, Downtown Terrace.  What a great gift idea and an awesome way to support SWFF.



SkeenaWild 2015 Calendars

Are you ready for 2015? Well, it's time to get ready because you can now officially buy SkeenaWild's 2015 calendar.  Featuring stunning photography from throughout the Skeena Watershed.  Place your order today as this is a limited edition. 

Only $20!  Buy online in our e-store or call and we'll get one to you right away.




Holiday Giving and SkeenaWild

Have you ever been perplexed as to what to give family members and friends for the holiday season?

SkeenaWild's "Gift of a Healthy Watershed" is a different way of giving, which helps to strengthen the reilience of the Skeena. Here's how it works: you make a donation to SkeenaWild on behalf of a friend or family member; we send that person a beautiful card (or we can send it to you so that you can mail it yourself). The card contains this message: "A Gift of a Healthy Watershed in your name has been sent to SkeenaWild with best wishes from...."

Our ELVES collaborate with many amazing individuals, organizations and First Nations to produce scientifically-founded work that empowers our communities with critical knowledge and the ability to make well-informed decisions when it comes to creating a sustainable bridge between economy and environment.

To request a "Gift of a Healthy Watershed" card, please fill out our online Donation form or call us at 250-638-0998.

Photo:  Brandon Broderick


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