The billion-dollar media content writedown. Corus Entertainment reported a loss due to the diminishing value of its broadcast licences, including those from Global TV. Corus CEO Doug Murphy expects to cut back the company's suite of specialty channels, and 40 per cent owner Shaw Communications still wants out. We shall see what survives the ride down the Corus Quay atrium slide:

Sidewalk Toronto will be moving a bit slower. The timeline for Alphabet’s proposed high-tech overhaul of Quayside has been extended from this fall to next spring. (It remains possible that Waterfront Toronto will find a new partner if an agreement with Google’s parent isn’t reached soon.) Meanwhile, at least five members of an arm’s-length volunteer committee are balking at a strict confidentiality agreement.

Peaking punditry about the “Kokanee Grope.” Anne Kingston writes about the 18-year-old groping allegation against Justin Trudeau, joining Andrew MacDougall and Robyn Urback in decrying the PM’s noncommittal response. Now, following a National Post feature that considered whether the allegation meets the definition of a #MeToo, the topic returns to the fore via Andew Coyne:

“The company has encouraged all users, especially elected officials and other public figures, to report any activity that violates its rules and policies—so we did and will continue to do so.” Catherine McKenna confirmed that she complained to Twitter about a parody account that she viewed as “impersonation,” leading to its deletion. The creator soon set up a new account.

The hidden hauls of Massey Hall’s overhaul. Gordon Lightfoot is playing the final weekend of concerts at the storied 1894 venue before it’s shuttered until 2020 for a $142-million renovation. The initial work has shined new light on details like long-hidden stained glass windows. For the occasion, a Now Magazine oral history covers several recent decades, including that time when Morrissey got kicked out of his own concert:

Malcolm Gladwell has 12 Rules of his own. The new Revisionist History podcast is an irreverent tribute to Jordan Peterson. (Gladwell’s first rule for living: “Pull the goalie, but be wise enough to know that disagreeableness is not a matter of temperament, it is a choice.”) Peterson himself headlined at the Aspen Ideas Festival, where he discussed his recent newsmaking controversies, culminating in a revived gender pronoun debate:

12:36 will return on Tuesday, July 3. No newsletter Friday, in deference to Premier Doug Ford.

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