Mike Pence helps out @HamiltonTheatre. A few misdirected tweets intended for @HamiltonMusical gave the small theatre company—now presenting The Toxic Avenger—some newsworthiness after the vice-president-elect got jeered on Broadway. But claims that “reams of notifications” were “clogging the Canadian theatre’s Twitter feed” are exaggerated: there seem to have been only a half-dozen or so tweets, mostly from faceless accounts everyone else ignores.

“Obviously, I’m going to miss having Barack around.” During the APEC summit in Lima, Peru, Justin Trudeau came as close as he has ever come to condemning Donald Trump. The summit also gave Mark Zuckerberg some face time with Trudeau—a helpful photo-op during a week when most Facebook coverage has dealt with the platform's problem with fake news.

The return of “Respect For Taxpayers.” Mayor John Tory would crush Doug Ford if an election were held today, according to a poll from Forum Research, conducted just as the Ford Nation book tour revives Doug's electoral hopes. Meanwhile, the mayor’s snowy Scarborough news conference, where he pledged to outsource garbage collection east of Yonge, had a podium with conspicuous campaign-style branding:

Country Style determined to survive the Annex overhaul. The closed-for-renovations status of the 54-year-old Hungarian restaurant had some wondering if it would ever return, but a Globe and Mail story commemorates the reopening. (The doughnut chain called Country Style, which opened a year after the Hungarian place, now seems a long shot for survival.)

Podcast festival fans mystified by Mystery Show. After the beloved podcast was unceremoniously dumped by its production company, listeners rallied around host Starlee Kine. But a live performance at the Hot Docs Cinema last night was criticized for running late, having technical difficulties and being a little too incoherent.

Scientology building may never return. The Underground Bunker figures the long-vacant Scientology building at 696 Yonge is probably low on the church's priority list, especially because the leadership is now pouring resources into a resort near Orangeville. The building was originally supposed to be one of Scientology's “Ideal Orgs.” But it fell behind on property taxes. The latest architectural renderings of the long-delayed reno are more restrained than the original plan:

“Lone Wolf Tenor” is officially forgiven—but gone from the group for good. More than four months after the MLB All-Star Game anthem debacle, the Tenors announced that Remigio Pereira won’t be reuniting with them after all. The remaining trio will sing “O Canada” (with the correct lyrics, presumably) at the Grey Cup. Pereira’s new video, shot with guitarist Pavlo in the St. Lawrence Market area, finds the Lone Wolf reprising his sign stunt at the end, only with the words "War Is Over."

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This is Wind Mobile's new name, following its $1.6-billion acquisition by Shaw Communications. (The original name had "some baggage.")

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