Company Culture - Part 2  

Submitted by Albert "Skip" Greenaway, EAGLE President/CEO
Before getting into the subject of company culture, there are two important topics I would like to cover. First, this issue is packed full of important planned updates for many standards, i.e.; ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, AS9100, OHSAS 18001 and the newly accredited SQFI Ethical Sourcing. Be sure to read those that apply to your business.

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  ISO 9001:2015 Status Update  

Submitted by Dan Brown, EAGLE Auditor
The current DIS version of the ISO 9001:2015 standard has been accepted and the FDIS (Final Draft International Standard) version is scheduled for release by July 2015. With final publication on target for a September 2015 release, there will be a three year implementation period for companies currently certified to ISO 9001:2008. The last date a 2008 certificate will be valid is September 30, 2018. (continue reading)

  AS9100 Revision Effective July 1, 2015  

Submitted by Nancy Meredith, EAGLE Certification Manager
IAQG released a revision to AS9101 in March 2014. It requires all certification bodies to have the revised AS9101E in place on or before July 1, 2015. EAGLE will implement AS9101E for all AS9100 and AS9102 customer audits and reports. (continue reading)

  Environmental, Health & Safety Standards Update  

Submitted by Jessica Osborne, EAGLE Senior Certification Manager
ISO 14001:2004 is under revision and due for release in late 2015. You can obtain a copy of the draft and learn more information about the standard and changes on the ISO website. (continue reading)

  ISO 13485 Status Updates  

Submitted by Dan Brown, EAGLE Auditor
ISO 9001 is not the only standard undergoing revision, ISO 13485 is also in the DIS (draft) stage. Although it is uncertain when the final version will be released, it is expected in late 2015 or early 2016. The committee reconvenes December 1, 2014, to continue sorting through the comments received during the DIS voting period. (continue reading)

  NEW! EAGLE GMP Audits  

Submitted by Lindsey Stafford, EAGLE Certification Manager
EAGLE is excited to announce we now have an EAGLE Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audit. The audit is broken up into three areas: Food Safety Systems, Quality Programs, and Good Manufacturing Practices. (continue reading)

  EAGLE Now Offers BRC, GLOBALG.A.P. & IFS  

Submitted by Benjamin Marchant, EAGLE Director Business Development
On October 29, 2014, EAGLE announced a strategic partnership with Acerta Certificación, S.L. to further meet the needs of EAGLE's glowing, global client base. This partnership expands the services EAGLE offers by adding GFIS recognized certification services for BRC, GLOBALG.A.P., IFS, and retail (continue reading)

  New ANAB Logo on Certificates  

Submitted by Jessica Osborne, EAGLE Senior Certification Manager
On November 13, 2014, the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board announced they are moving to a single brand, ANAB, from the current three brands: ANAB, ACLASS and FQS. (continue reading)

  Newly Accredited SQFI Ethical Sourcing  

Submitted by Danielle Bailey, EAGLE Certification Manager
EAGLE is now offering audits to the newly accredited SQFI Ethical Sourcing Standard. The standard encompasses four pillars of sustainability including (continue reading)

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