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July 2013 Newsletter

10 Awesome Reasons Why Smart Sales Manager Is Going to KILL it


This week my second book, Smart Sales Manager, hit the bookshelves and the e-book readers, and is blasting the inside sales world wide open. If you’re thinking there’s no room left in the sales book market, think again: my new book is going to KILL it.

Smart Sales Manager is a top personal trainer and playbook for managers who need to manage teams of disruptive young talent in the New Normal Sales 2.0 ecosystem. And because the biggest motivator in Sales 2.0 is FUN, the core of my book captures the human, fun side of managing: hiring, motivating, and coaching talent to become inside sales superheroes.

Here are 10 awesome reasons to keep Smart Sales Manager in your management arsenal:

  1. No smartphone app — not even Siri — can manage a team. My book focuses on the human, collaborative side of managing: watching, observing, learning from, and motivating your teams.
  2. Operating under the old sales rules won’t work. My book helps you understand and work with the essential elements of the New Normal Sales 2.0 ecosystem that drive sales today: Customer 2.0, Talent 2.0, Tools 2.0, and Prospecting 2.0
  3. Field sales is out, inside sales is in. Smart Sales Manager gives you the information you need to this build effective, sustainable Sales 2.0 teams.



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Smart Sales Manager

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