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PhoneGap Build welcomes Windows Phone 7

The PhoneGap Build team is proud to introduce Windows Phone 7 as the latest addition to its platform lineup! With the addition of WP7, developers are now able to reach a new and rapidly growing market. Read more about WP7 on Build

Haven’t heard of PhoneGap Build? PhoneGap Build is a service that allows developers to compile PhoneGap projects in the cloud. Instead of configuring environments and installing platform specific tools, PhoneGap Build allows developers to focus on writing apps. Simply upload your project assets to Build and boom! you have distribution-ready apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry, WebOs, and Symbian..and now WP7!  Sign up for PhoneGap Build - it's in open beta!

Read more about PhoneGap Build in the press

Get the latest version of PhoneGap

Do you have the latest version of PhoneGap?  We've got PhoneGap 1.6.1 with 1.7.0 hot on its heels. Download PhoneGap here.

Wondering about PhoneGap's release cycle? PhoneGap's Brian LeRoux gives an in-depth explanation in his blog post "Rolling Releases: How Apache Cordova becomes PhoneGap and Why". Read Brian's post

Wikipedia app ports to iOS & Playbook

In the Feb newsletter, we told you that the official Wikipedia Android app was made with PhoneGap. We're stoked to tell you that the app has now been ported over to iOS and Playbook! 

Since they used PhoneGap, they were able to leverage their existing code to quickly and easily port it over to the other platforms. Now that's the power of PhoneGap!

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Save the date - July 20th!

Last year we celebrated the very first PhoneGap day in Portland, Oregon. We're doing it again this year and want you to join us. We'll have tons of speakers and even more beer!

We'll share the details very soon but for now, save July 20th for PhoneGap Day.

PS. The PhoneGap team will also be in Portland for OSCON during that entire week. Catch Joe Bowser and Brian LeRoux speaking on PhoneGap. 

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