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October 2015

Happy Fruit at Work Day!

October 6 is the first annual National Fruit at Work Day. Check out this new holiday and how to celebrate it! Plus: the benefits of a professional office organizer, extreme food hacks for the daring, and an update on The FruitGuys Community Fund.


National Fruit at Work Day

On October 6, join us in celebrating the food that fuels our busy workday: fruit! This momentous annual holiday will change the way you think about snacking at work—forever.

Get It Together!


Why your workplace needs a professional organizer

Want your office to operate smoothly? A professional organizer can identify inefficient systems, costly redundancies, and poor use of space. Mary Anderson helps you figure out if you need assistance in WorkLife.

Small Grants, Big Impacts


Grantee farms progress on solar, soil, and pleasing pollinators

We caught up with The FruitGuys Community Fund’s 2015 grantees. Learn how their sustainability projects are progressing in GoodWorks.

Extreme Lunchroom Hacks


How to turn out a gourmet meal without leaving your desk

If your passion for cooking can’t be contained to your home kitchen, these advanced tips can bring the culinary arts to your office space. Mark Saltveit tells you how in Food.

From Law to Lambs

How farming became a second career for the owners of Bear Track Farm

Dick Blair and Betty Hui had long careers in other fields before buying an old farm in 2009. Read about how they handle farming, career change, and the drought in Farms.

Love With Food Office Snacks

Love healthy snacks but tired of the same choices in the office every month? Love With Food is a fun way to discover new, organic snacks while helping food banks fight childhood hunger in America! Request a FREE sample box here.