Looking back at 2015 with Ecotrust Canada
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News from Ecotrust Canada

Happy Holidays!


I hope that you have been following Ecotrust Canada this past year. If so, you will know that we have an ever-increasing number of allies, partners and clients who understand that finding ways to balance the interests and needs of people, profit and planet is an important pursuit for our time.

As communities grapple with the negative consequences of a challenged economy, and as industry sectors hunt out new ways to survive and thrive, the Ecotrust Canada team can be found working side-by-side to create and demonstrate tangible and affordable triple-bottom-line solutions.

Some of my personal favourites this year include:

Whether it is creating and holding much-needed space for dialogue and debate, designing and prototyping potential solutions, or coordinating efforts to advance progressive economic and social policies, the Ecotrust Canada team works every day on behalf of a better world. 

We are committed to building strong partnerships, and to designing social, ecological and economic innovations that work in real market conditions.

I hope you will consider a donation before the end of the year to help us to do this work.


Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season and a happy and healthy new year.


With thanks,

Brenda Kuecks, President